Filestack Workflows: A Hands-On Approach to Content Management

We know that Filestack Workflows allows developers and non-developers alike to streamline content tasks into a simple to use UI – all within a single API call, but do you know exactly what all it can do?

Filestack Workflows provides a cleaner end result and easier to manage process for preparing your content. This can be done in a few simple steps. As you’re uploading files into your application, whether blurring images that are NSFW, resizing them or storing an image in a certain file format, the app needs to have the capability to handle all of the logic associated with the task at hand.

While there are endless possibilities for extremely robust workflows, let’s take a look at a specific workflow that will allow you to perform simple tasks such as the ones mentioned above. The end result? In this case, a perfectly formatted PNG image file.

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