Recreate Silicon Valley’s Not Hotdog App with Filestack’s Tagging Feature

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Deep learning has gone from sci-fi concept to industry buzzword within only a matter of years. What started as proof-of-concepts and enhanced facial recognition software quickly ballooned into state-of-the-art image and speech recognition, video analysis, behavioral predictions and untold other successes, where the goal was specific enough and the dataset large enough to benefit from deep models. With modern algorithms … Read More

Filestack Tutorial For Beginners: Part 2 Watermark

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dog image with signature

Welcome Back! Hello, and welcome back to the Filestack Tutorial For Beginners. If you have not seen the first half then check it out here. Otherwise, let’s keep making progress on our watermarking application. Perform a Transformation: Watermark Working with Uploaded Files: The Filestack Handle At this point you are probably wondering: “Okay, I understand how to upload files, and … Read More

Filestack Tutorial For Beginners: Part 1 File Uploading

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Edit Image of Dog Screenshot

The purpose of this two part tutorial is to provide enough instruction, and explanation on Filestack’s Javascript API that someone inexperienced with either Filestack or Javascript can leave with a grasp on what we do, and how we do it. The first part will focus on basic HTML and Javascript, and implementing file uploads, and the second will focus on … Read More

Ansible: Accelerated

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Ansible Logo

So, you’ve been using Ansible, and have realized it can be really slow. You ask, why is Ansible slow? The answer is simple. Ansible uses ssh as a ‘transport layer’, which starts a new connection for every task in a playbook. This is not ideal, but luckily, we can change this behavior with a few simple steps. How to Speed Up Ansible To … Read More

Uploading Webcam Images with Filestack

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I was recently looking into commonly asked questions about content uploading and found that there are presently 370 active questions on Stackoverflow about how to upload an image taken via webcam. This isn’t a surprising number when all of the aspects involved are considered. I understand these issues first hand because I personally spent weeks researching and re-building the webcam … Read More

Improve Your Workflow with Cache and Debug

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In my last few articles we discussed several features that make Filestack’s API such a big game changer in your development process. We compared Filestack pick function with a more traditional approach to handle files upload in the article “Comparing Node & JQuery File Upload vs Filestack” showing that it allows for fast development and no hassle when it comes to security. Moreover, … Read More

LinkedIn Launches Photo Filters and Editing in their App… And You Can, Too.

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LinkedIn's New Photo Filters

On March 14, LinkedIn released Photo Filters and Editing for profile pictures, along with guidelines on how to get noticed with a “professional” photo (read more here). The fact is, profile pictures are important, and you don’t always need a professional headshot to look good. Often, a selfie with some nifty filters will do the trick. With LinkedIn’s new features, … Read More

Create an Awesome Photo Collage with React and Filestack

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Image collage

A photo collage is a popular way of sharing amazing moments in our lives. From exotic vacations, to crazy parties, to romantic seaside weddings and more, collages capture many moments to create one multifaceted composite. As a printing application, the ability to upload pictures and create photo collages for your customers is an absolute must-have. The are a few open source libraries and repos available … Read More

The Complete Image File Extension List for Developers

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JPEGs. PDFs. SVGs. Even for the most savvy developers, keeping track of all available image file extensions isn’t easy. Using the wrong (or suboptimal) file format could result in: Low image/video/audio quality Unnecessarily large file sizes Slow delivery of large files Inaccessibility of data within the file Simply put, knowing and understanding the many types available – their functions, features,and … Read More

Building Prisma-like Filters with Pytorch and Filestack

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One of the coolest papers to come out of the deep learning renaissance has been A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style. Presumably, it’s what drives Prisma, and it’s completely open to the world. Anyone can build their own neural filters if they have the time and inclination — which is exactly what we are going to do. Using a combination of Filestack and … Read More

Take a Screenshot with Filestack and React

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URL Screenshot

Taking screenshots is common for those of us who live on our phones and laptops. Sometimes we want to share glimpses of funny conversations with friends, other times, in the office for example, we take screenshots to quickly share unexpected results on our screens. Screenshots are so common that nowadays the majority of our devices offer a specific key combination to either take a … Read More

Comparing Google Vision and Clarifai in Production

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A few weeks ago, we published our thoughts and research into the major image-labeling service providers, including Microsoft Cognitive Services, Amazon Rekognition, Google Vision, and Clarifai. While we believed each had its merits and all returned accurate labels for most inputs, a combination of speed, content-detection and cost led us to choose Google Vision as the engine for our Image … Read More

Create a YouTube-like App with React, Node.Js and Filestack

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In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to create your own YouTube-like app. The final application will allow users to upload and share videos to the public.  We will use React for the client side, Node.js for the server side, and Filestack to upload and transcode the videos. Although I’re highlighting YouTube-like apps, this tutorial will be helpful if … Read More

How to Implement File Picker V3 with React on Node

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With new File Picker V3, file uploading integration in your codebase has never been easier. We published the client in the npm registry so you can now say “goodbye” to the script tag within your html files when using Node.   With a Node application, you can simply retrieve and download the script by running npm command `install`: npm install filestack-js Or alternatively using … Read More

Comparing image tagging services: Google Vision, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Amazon Rekognition and Clarifai

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Prior to integrating image tagging into our our API, here at Filestack we evaluated four of the most popular image tagging services. To determine which service to use, we looked at features, pricing, image size limits, rate limits, performance and accuracy. Ultimately, we decided to go with Google Vision today but the other services might be a good fit for your … Read More

How To Upload Large Files

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Uploading large files is a constant headache for developers. Pains like latency, speed, timeouts and interruptions, especially over mobile devices, are difficult to avoid. However, over the years, it is becoming increasingly important that your application be able to handle large files.   At Filestack, we provide file infrastructure for 100,000 applications worldwide, handling file uploads, transformations, storage, and delivery. … Read More

Filestack Launches File Picker V3

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Now with a minimalistic design, in-app image transformations, and faster file uploading API.  Today, we are proud to launch the newest version of our File Picker.  The result of months of user research and beta testing, the File Picker V3, a more powerful uploading API and new features to create the ultimate file uploading experience for your application. The Highlights 😎 … Read More

Accelerating Application Delivery with a CDN

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If you’ve ever encountered a slow loading webpage, you know exactly how wait time impacts user experience. According to Kissmetrics, a 4 second wait time leads to a 25% abandonment rate. The average Internet user expects a page to load in 2 seconds or less, and is not happy to wait longer than that.  These problems are only exacerbated on … Read More

Generate a Zip File Programmatically with Javascript & React

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Zip files are ubiquitous files on the net. We use them frequently when sending an e-mail or downloading a program. What is a zip file? It’s an archive format which contains one or several files in a compressed form in order to reduce the overall size of the file. This is not a new technology. The zip format was invented in … Read More

Yahoo study finds filters increase photo views 21%, comments 45%

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Photo filters are everywhere on the internet.  But do they really affect engagement? Yes.  A lot. At least according to an  interesting 2015 study from the team at Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech called Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement (PDF) which looked at the use of photo filters in the Flickr community. Based on a study of 7.6 … Read More

A how and why primer on video transcoding: Webm to H.264 and more

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Rendering videos seamlessly across browser types is often an arduous process for developers. It is important to consider the format and codec of a video file. Different browser types support different video codecs, which means that you need to provide multiple formats to ensure that your video renders on all browsers.   Browser Video Codec Audio Codec Chrome H.264, VP8, VP9 … Read More

[Tutorial] Add watermarks to images using React and Filestack API

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You might remember the case of the monkey selfie. In 2011, a nature photographer named David Slater was in Indonesia to photograph some Celebes crested macaques. He set up the camera on a tripod, and left the remote trigger for the camera out so that a macaque that wandered by could take it’s own picture.  One of the macaques actually did, taking some amazing … Read More

An API to convert any image into ASCII

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  Who doesn’t love ASCII art? There are the true artists who create art themselves, a character at a time. For the rest of us, there are lots of great ASCII art generators, for instance Picascii or Text Image.  One thing they are missing though is an API to handle the image-to-ASCII conversion.  When we were building our API for image … Read More

How to automatically resize, fit, and align any image using only URL parameters

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  Resizing images like pngs, jpgs or gifs is one of the most common things we have to do as developers.  You might need to optimize the layout of a website or application, reduce the size of your images to increase page performance or even just get the alignment of that reaction meme you’re playing around with just right before … Read More

Crop, Resize and Filter Photos Using JavaScript, React and the Filestack API

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Developing and maintaining an application that processes many images can be tedious and time consuming – even for the most skilled developer. Filestack strives to automate away the tedium, leaving you more time to focus on your core development. One of the ways we do this is by allowing you to crop, filter, resize, and apply more transformations to images simply by … Read More

Filepicker team goes to lunch…

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Last Friday our team decided to go to lunch all together – and we survived!   Then in a twist, our Europe office countered with the Kings of Leon playing right outside their window!