Filestack Surpasses 100,000 Applications! 🎉

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Earlier this week, Filestack surpassed 100,000 applications! As we continue to develop our product and grow our community, we cannot thank YOU enough for fueling Filestack’s success. We are able to grow thanks to constant requests and genuine feedback. filepicker_production=> select count(*) from apps; count ——– 100001 (1 row) We’re Proud of Every Single App Filestack’s success is defined by the … Read More

Filestack Launches File Picker V3

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Now with a minimalistic design, in-app image transformations, and faster file uploading API.  Today, we are proud to launch the newest version of our File Picker.  The result of months of user research and beta testing, the File Picker V3, a more powerful uploading API and new features to create the ultimate file uploading experience for your application. The Highlights 😎 … Read More

2016 Together – Year End Review

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The past year was an exciting time for the Filestack community. After transitioning from Filepicker to Filestack at the end of 2015, we started 2016 with a new goal: To be the complete, end to end solution for file uploading and management.     We’re proud to say that in 2016, Filestack powered 260 Million Files Uploads, 650 Million File … Read More

Filestack Users are Not Susceptible To ImageMagick Vulnerabilities

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On May 3rd, 2016, security researcher Stewie with assistance from Nikolay Ermishkin disclosed a vulnerability in ImageMagick which could be used to allow remote execution of code. This vulnerability has left millions of websites vulnerable to hackers, as hackers can upload malicious files through any file uploader, and then execute commands to take over the system. For example, a file could be uploaded to install … Read More

Google Announces: “Moving on from Picasa”

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Google announced today that “after much thought and consideration” they are retiring Picasa to focus on building “amazing experiences and features” around their Google Photos services. Picasa users will continue to have access to their photos for the foreseeable future. Google will cease supporting Picasa’s desktop application on March 15, 2016. Other changes to Picasa Web Albums will start rolling … Read More

0 to 500: The story of being (Product) Hunted

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This blog post was originally published on Medium and is republished here for our readers. From waking up unprepared for our name on Product Hunt to getting 500 upvotes, dozens of new signups, thousands of new site visitors, and a #4 spot on the Product Hunt Tech Digest.

Totally revamped Filepicker dialog!

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We’re excited to announce a brand new version of our dialog! Dialog version 2 comes with many new features and lots of improvements. Working on the new version we focused on better user experience and speed. That’s why we have implemented client side image compression, background upload and a new responsive design.  All new dialog features are available with javascript library version 2, and … Read More

Google launches Nearline with Filestack as a launch partner

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This morning, Google Cloud Platform launched Nearline, a cold data storage offering. Filestack is proud to be a launch partner, with the likes of Actifio, Symantec, Iron Mountain, and more. What is Google Cloud Storage Nearline? Nearline is a cold storage offering that is highly available with affordable pricing. While typical cold storage only provides access to files 3+ hours … Read More

CloudApp and Filepicker

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Filepicker is proud to announce a new partner integration – CloudApp! Filepicker’s killer feature is enabling developers to allow file uploads from wherever users store their data. CloudApp is the definitive app for quickly and easily sharing files and screenshots. This makes the integration such a powerful one. Now that CloudApp is a source, any user of CloudApp can easily … Read More

Filepicker in 1751 cities

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Recently we were digging through Intercom, and we stumbled upon this cool new page: a share map of all the users we have! It shows that we have customers in 1751 cities, in 122 countries. We’re really proud to work with our customers who have brought us on this journey. Cheers! From the Filepicker Team

Filepicker year in review

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As we approach the end of the year, it’s important to look back and review everything you’ve done. When we look back and see all the improvements made to Filepicker it’s quite a long list! We made lots of customer and user facing improvements, but we have also made significant infrastructure improvements to keep up with the growth of the … Read More

Our love for Android is just starting

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We are very excited to announce our first android app! Last week we announced a big update to our Android library which we had been working on for quite some time. We boasted that it is really easy to implement in your own Android App, and to prove it, we did just that. You can now go download Filepicker for … Read More

Domino interviews Jason Toy, CEO of Filepicker

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This week the folks at Domino, an analytics company that helps accelerate the data lifecycle, interviewed our CEO, Jason Toy. Jason talks about his history as a programmer, data science, and magic wands. Read the full interview.  

Filepicker now available in Italian

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We’ve recently added yet another language to our list of supported languages. If you have users who have selected Italian as their primary language, they will see the Filepicker dialog in the correct language. We wanted to thank Brock from and Marie from for helping translate into Italian. This adds to the list of 12 languages that Filepicker is … Read More

Filepicker acquires OneTimeBox

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Filepicker is excited to announce the acquisition of OneTimeBox. OneTimeBox allows people to quickly and easily share files without the hassle of making accounts and experiencing lengthy wait times. Its incredible simplicity and strong execution align well Filepicker’s vision. OneTimeBox was built by Oliver Song at HackMIT. Over the past year, it has steadily grown to move hundreds of terabytes of … Read More

Amazon Cloud Drive and Filepicker

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Customers have their files in many different places, but they are most valuable when they are accessible from no matter what device they are on. This is what makes cloud storage so powerful, and useful. The problem occurs when a user has a file hosted in the cloud, and they need to get it somewhere. Filepicker was built to solve … Read More

Filepicker not susceptible to POODLE SSL 3.0 bug

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Filepicker is not susceptible to the SSL 3.0 bug known as POODLE. Here’s why: Earlier this week the Google Security Team published details of a vulnerability in a specific version of SSL 3.0 (RFC6101) which they have deemed obsolete and insecure. This bug can be exploited by a man in the middle attack, where an attacker can force a web … Read More

Uploads from camera roll broken in iOS 8

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Fix to be implemented in iOS 8.0.1 As some of you have already noticed, file uploads from the photo library in iOS 8 are broken. Unfortunately this is not something that Filepicker can fix or create a workaround for, as it is an issue that was created by Apple. This bug affects not only HTML forms but Javascript as well.

Meet the New Filepicker Team

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Over the past 2 years Filepicker has matured from a dorm-room idea to help developers like us deal with the pain of uploads, to a YCombinator graduate and a thriving community of over 30,000 live Filepickers that have uploaded over 100 millions files! You’ve seen us build out our partner integrations and ecosystem—removing the technical barriers of connecting files between … Read More

The safest way to allow file uploads on your site

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Yesterday Detectify published a blog post explaining the pitfalls of allowing file uploads on your site. There are many kinds of attacks that a malicious user could target through your file upload system. In the particular attack, they show you how to use flash to upload a bogus file which can then execute arbitrary code using the victim’s session. The problem … Read More

Darko to pick files at

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Hi all, Monday the 1st I joined to work on User Acquisition and Product Management and I am pumped! Prior to this role, I worked as a Product Manager of Shopping and Merchandising at Nook (the e-reader owned by B&N) in Palo Alto, Product Manager of League of Legends Shop at Riot Games in Santa Monica, and as a … Read More

Coderbits (portfolio builder for developers) integrates

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About Coderbits Coderbits is site that lets you share (and show off) what you know. By linking data from sites such as: Github, Codecademy, Dribbble, Coderwall, Forrst, you can have a complete and up-to-date profile of what you’re learning, what kind of time and energy you’re expending into your craft. Coderbits value proposition is extremely timely. A new crop of … Read More