Filestack plays with FIRE to power Intelligent Content with new Image Recognition Engine

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Our journey starts out quite differently than any one company that is trying to build the most modern image recognition service. For one, we are not only focused on training, creating models, and building data sets. To us, these are table stakes. We are interested in abstracting key data points out of data oceans and helping you identify trends that … Read More

Add Uploading Functionality To Your WordPress Site with the Filestack WordPress Upload Plugin

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Do you need to add file upload functionality to your WordPress site but none of the available plugins are streamlined enough or powerful enough to your liking? The Filestack WordPress Upload plugin can help! The Filestack WordPress Upload plugin allows you or your users to upload images, documents, and videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, local drives and more … Read More

Filestack Intelligent Ingestion: The World’s Most Reliable File Uploading Technology

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Filestack Intelligent Ingestion

Filestack’s heritage is pinned deeply to being the world’s best file uploading service. Over the past 5+ years, we’ve had thousands of conversations with customers and prospects about the pains they encounter with file uploading. A common theme: mobile uploads have unique challenges. From maintaining state between cell towers, to ballooning file sizes, to little connectivity in areas with a … Read More

Introducing the New Filestack::Rails Plugin

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We’ve got lots of exciting stuff going on at Filestack right now, including a new release of our File Picker; brand new SDKs in Python, PHP and Ruby; and an update to one of our most popular plugins: Filestack::Rails. Formerly known as Filepicker::Rails, the plugin now includes v3 of our File Picker and adds support for Rails 4 and 5. … Read More

Filestack Web SDK V3 0.7 Updates

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At Filestack we are constantly working to provide the best upload experience for all of our users. Back in March we launched the v3 of the Filestack Web SDK, also commonly referred to as the Filestack file picker. While the web SDK is not the only way to use Filestack, many Filestack users choose this because it can be implemented … Read More

Introducing The Filestack Command-Line Interface

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Command-line Interface

Filestack provides a robust and scalable solution for content upload and file delivery. We are used for websites, digital services, enterprise software and endless other projects across the industry. Our File Picker is easily integrated into any website, and we have a growing list of SDKs for use in projects of various languages, including plugins for popular frameworks. Sometimes, though, … Read More

Uploading Webcam Images with Filestack

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I was recently looking into commonly asked questions about content uploading and found that there are presently 370 active questions on Stackoverflow about how to upload an image taken via webcam. This isn’t a surprising number when all of the aspects involved are considered. I understand these issues first hand because I personally spent weeks researching and re-building the webcam … Read More

Filestack Surpasses 100,000 Applications! 🎉

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Earlier this week, Filestack surpassed 100,000 applications! As we continue to develop our product and grow our community, we cannot thank YOU enough for fueling Filestack’s success. We are able to grow thanks to constant requests and genuine feedback. filepicker_production=> select count(*) from apps; count ——– 100001 (1 row) We’re Proud of Every Single App Filestack’s success is defined by the … Read More

Filestack is Certified with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework for HR and Non-HR Data

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On April 17, 2017, Filestack became compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework. The EU-US Privacy Shield is a framework for transferring data between the United States and European Union that ensures the data falls within the EU privacy regulations. Privacy Shield replaces Safe Harbor to protect EU citizens’ data from US surveillance and address privacy concerns.   What does … Read More

React-Filestack Package is Here – And You Will Love It!

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The first half of 2017 has been an exciting time for Filestack. In March, we launched the V3 File Picker to enthusiastic community feedback. Now, we are releasing a React Filestack package for our React lovers to easily adopt the V3 File Picker. The new V3 File Picker offers fast uploads from cloud sources, a streamlined UI, and embed transformations to crop, … Read More

Filestack Launches Content Ingestion Network (CIN) To Accelerate File Uploads Up To 10X

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The new Filestack Content Ingestion Network will dramatically increase speed for users uploading files from any region in the world.   Normally, when users upload files, you have to wait until the file is uploaded to your storage before you can access it. Only once the file is stored properly in its destination (with services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Dropbox, … Read More

File Picker V3 in Action

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Filestack has recently launched our File Picker V3 with a minimalistic design, in-app image transformations, and an even faster file uploading API.  In case you missed it, you can read more about the new features and improvements in our article Filestack Launches File Picker V3. The new UI is what everyone needs in a modern website. Uploading a file has never … Read More

Filestack Launches File Picker V3

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Now with a minimalistic design, in-app image transformations, and faster file uploading API.  Today, we are proud to launch the newest version of our File Picker.  The result of months of user research and beta testing, the File Picker V3, a more powerful uploading API and new features to create the ultimate file uploading experience for your application. The Highlights 😎 … Read More

Where did the $9 Plan go? Or, let’s talk about failure.

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Hello! It’s Caitlin, your friendly neighborhood data sleuth.  I was waiting to write about a really cool experiment where we found awesome things and were super successful for my second blog post, but instead I’m going to talk about getting things wrong.   For a long time we’ve been hearing from users who wanted something between the free plan and … Read More

2016 Together – Year End Review

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The past year was an exciting time for the Filestack community. After transitioning from Filepicker to Filestack at the end of 2015, we started 2016 with a new goal: To be the complete, end to end solution for file uploading and management.     We’re proud to say that in 2016, Filestack powered 260 Million Files Uploads, 650 Million File … Read More

New – Export Files to Zip Folders

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Filestack has long been enabling developers to allow end users to directly upload multiple files from multiple cloud sources like Dropbox, Facebook, and Google Drive in a seamless experience. The ability to save solitary files back to cloud sources or a user’s computer is a little known Filestack feature. Today we are proud to announce new functionality that will extend … Read More

Enhance Images in your App

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Here at Filestack, we are never done developing.  As the Internet and general technology are constantly evolving, our mission to apply new functionality to our files management API is forever growing. It is with great pleasure that I am showing you the newest available feature for our Filestack Pro clients: We just released a set of Image Enhancements built on deep learning technologies to … Read More

Simpler URLS for Filestack Transformations

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No longer do you need to include your Filestack API key in your file URL when transforming images, videos, audio files, or documents. As long as the file you are transforming has a Filestack URL or handle, you can now simply write ( / (desired transformation parameters)/ the file handle or URL. The Old Way (which still works): The New … Read More

Increase Signups by more than 30% with Slack OAuth Integration

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When we launched Filestack, our goal was to make the normally complicated process of managing end user content ridiculously easy. So we built a files API  for developers to help end users upload files from over 20+ cloud sources (think Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram–all the places where we actually store files these days). Devs can then apply hundreds of transformations, store directly to … Read More

Login via Github, Google, or Slack

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Just a quick update that we have added OAuth integration to our Developer Portal. You are now able to register or login to manage your Filestack apps using your Github, Google, or Slack credentials. If you are already a Filestack user and would like to link one of these OAuth accounts, simply go to the Account Settings page by clicking the “Account” link at … Read More

Expanding our Worldwide Content Delivery Network to Canada…

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We’re excited to announce some upgrades to our system, thanks to our Content Delivery Network (CDN) Partner Fastly.   First, is the addition of a POP in Canada. This means visitors from Canada spend less time waiting for your content, instead of enjoying it. Secondly, Fastly has also added capacity by expanding the POPs in New York, Boston and Chicago and … Read More

Account Analytics: Knowing is half the battle!

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When it comes to running a successful business, knowing is, at minimum, half the battle. Up until now, Filestack reserved account-level analytics as a premium feature of paid accounts. Starting this week we’ve unlocked that feature for all account types, from the free Hobbyist plan to our Enterprise-level custom accounts tailored for specific use cases (yes, we offer those!).

iOS Library v5.1.0 Released

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We’re happy to announce that the latest version of our iOS Library, 5.1.0, is now available from CocoaPods. The latest version removes iOS 9 deprecated codes and libraries. Among the iOS 9 code that was removed is the ALAssetsLibrary which provided access to photos and videos under control of the Photos application, but has been replaced with the Photos framework … Read More

Filestack adds Imgur to list of cloud sources

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As Imgur continues to take over the image-sharing market, they have chosen Filestack to help them achieve ultimate success. Imgur – the “simple image sharer” – is now available on the ever-expanding Filestack File Uploads Dialog, enabling end-users to upload their files to any app that integrates with Filestack. Imgur has been enjoying rapid growth in recent months, and thanks to a wrath of … Read More

From a bug to an on our iOS library

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While you were all sleeping or on lazy coffee-breaks, our developers were like Batman and Robin fixing a library bug that was connected with the AFNetworking library. Within 24 hours, the Filepicker iOS library was upgraded to reflect this change to version 4.2.2, while our AFNetworking library was updated to version 2.5.3. That is how we roll at Filepicker. Developers are … Read More

Uploading files to Salesforce just got easier…at last

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Salesforce integration with third party providers. These are the words that its millions of users and developers have been waiting to hear for so long. And we finally heard those sweet words last year when the SaaS CRM player announced its integration with external file storage providers. And the good news just keeps coming. Filepicker now offers Salesforce integration in … Read More

Filepicker upgraded to OpenTok 2.0

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Here at Filepicker, we like to focus on what we do best, and find other providers to help us with areas that aren’t our #1 priority. This philosophy is core to Filepicker, as we want to power uploads. If you have an app that needs file uploads, we want to be there for you – and we want to be … Read More

Filepicker releases combined iOS + Mac library

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We’ve recently made some more updates to our Filepicker app for OSX, and the biggest being integrating the iOS library with the OSX library. Because a lot of OSX apps have iOS apps as well, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to integrate Filepicker into both. With our new library, there’s no need to familiarize yourself with … Read More

Filepicker adds PDF to PNG conversion

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Last week we released a new type of conversion. You can now convert PDF’s that your users upload to PNG’s. It works just like any other image conversion. When you run the function, it will convert the first page of the PDF to a PNG. Example: You can also specify which page of the PDF to convert by using … Read More

Android Featuring Amazon Cloud Drive Integration

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The library we’ve built is meant to help anyone building an Android app to allow uploads from many different cloud storage services simply by referencing our library into your project. You can find all the features of Filepicker’s newest release in Filepicker’s GitHub changelog. Below are some new features that we wanted to highlight for you, including integration with Amazon … Read More

This Should Make You Happy: Filepicker Announces Webhooks Beta

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When we created Filepicker, we made it simpler for apps, services and devices to work together. Instead of implementing APIs from every possible cloud storage environment, the Filepicker API grabbed content updates from almost anywhere. Still, getting all of those user updates was resource-intensive. Because apps had to poll for changes, many companies had to set aside dedicated servers to … Read More

Announcing additional language support

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Further to our previous blog post, we have added more language support with help from our wonderful community! We now support the following languages: – Dutch – French – German – Norwegian – Polish – Russian – Spanish – Turkish

iOS Filepicker 3.0.3 Updates

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Several updates were recently made to the iOS Filepicker library, so we thought we’d go over a few of the important changes we’ve made. 90% of these changes were based on issues reported by GitHub users. Thanks to everyone for your support and for helping us build a better Filepicker! Benefits Of Using Filepicker vs. Standard iOS Picker Standard iOS … Read More

Filepicker To Add Multi-Language Support

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Filepicker is used in many countries around the world, and we want to support our international users by enabling multi-language support. You will soon be able to integrate Filepicker in the native language of choice. We currently have support for Simplified Chinese and Polish. Spanish and Traditional Chinese are coming at the end of the month. We will be adding … Read More

Blur And Sharpen Your Uploaded Images Filepicker URL Filters Do Image Conversion For You

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With Filepicker, the days of editing images in Photoshop are coming to an end. Once you upload images to Filepicker, you can edit that image directly from its URL. Image Conversion Filepicker makes it ease to work with user content by enabling image post-processing. That way, regardless of what type of file a user uploads from the Cloud or a … Read More

Filepicker Launches A New Status Page: Our Service Status Now Live

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Filepicker Now Has A Status Page With millions of file uploads trusted by over 20,000 developers, Filepicker is a product that people depend upon in their daily lives. Whether web integrations with HTML widgets, or deep integrations with Javascript API, Filepicker makes websites a whole lot more powerful. We believe that software should make your life easier by helping you … Read More

Exploring a New Filepicker Feature – MD5 metadata call

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The increasing prevalence of mobile technology in today’s world is making life easier for some, while adding confusion to the lives of others. Tech savvy individuals understand many of the changes going on in mobile access, data sharing, and file transfers, but not everyone understands how things work. Filepicker’s new MD5 metadata call feature is one of those advancements that … Read More

Filepicker JIRA Plug-In 1.1

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After being awarded as “Best Plug-In of May” by Atlassian, we used this excitement to add a linking feature to the plugin. With Version 1.1, you can link files from any of the cloud sources which host files and stop worrying about keeping JIRA in sync. Check out the video here Check out the newest version of the plugin here

Filepicker Plug-In for JIRA

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Recently we released our Filepicker JIRA Plug-In to enable JIRA users to attach files, select profile photos, and export records using all Filepicker supported cloud sources. The way organizations are consuming software is radically changing. Consumerization of enterprise IT is emerging as the dominant model for software adoption. Atlassian’s products: JIRA and Confluence are leading the charge on how software … Read More

Twilio is our doorman

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We’ve been growing in headcount and we found ourselves with an odd problem: we didn’t have enough key fobs to the office. moved into a nice work live space overlooking AT&T park last October and our landlord has been great; we just kept asking for more key fobs. However, here’s how we got Twilio to open the door for … Read More

The “Few Months In” Checkup

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You started a company!? High five, good work. It’s now been a few months, you’ve had a lot of late nights with your cofounders, and it’s starting to look like you are making something people want. Here’s a heads up on some of the things you’ve probably ignored so far, but you should probably take care of. These are primarily … Read More October releases + community updates

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We have been busy this October talking to users and writing code. So we took a step back and decided to consolidate all the resources & tools that we released. These may help you integrate with faster. Shoot us a note at contact at if you have questions or comments. Also, we wanted to share with you some … Read More

An all new to power your applications – new services, functionality, and more!

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After releasing our MVP, we talked to many of our users to figure out what they wanted to see in our product.  As a result, over the past month, we’ve been hard at work adding new features to make your sites more powerful.  These include: New cloud services Pull files from new services including Gmail attachments,, and your webcam. … Read More