How to do SXSW Interactive without a Budget

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From growth hacking to long days with more caffeine than sleep, startups are all about doing a lot with little resources. So when SXSW Interactive is only an hour away from Filestack’s home base in San Antonio, I couldn’t afford a ticket, but I also couldn’t afford to miss out on all of the tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry experts … Read More

7 Productivity Tips for Startups

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Need some inspiration? Here are 7 tips for staying productive while working for a startup: 1. Practice Zero Inbox Try to practice zero inbox. Even though emails may keep piling on, it’s not productive to keep them lingering around. Process emails as quickly as you can. Reply to the ones that need replies. Delegate the ones that need to be … Read More

Apps we use to run our Startup

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We were inspired by the share as image blog that noted Filepicker as one of the apps they use to run their startup. So, just as they said, we aren’t getting anything for sharing. This is just what apps we love! Stripe If you’re running a SaaS, Stripe is pretty much a must have. It handles all our payments – … Read More

User testing at startups

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First let’s set some boundary conditions for this post. It is meant for early stage tech startups with limited resources embarking on their first usability testing experiment. Yes, usability testing is important. But performing usability testing at an early stage startup is hard. Best practices from larger companies with dedicated product managers do not carry over easily. We learned this … Read More

Do name-your-price models yield revenue?

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Fresh from Thanksgiving and its associated warm fuzzies, I found myself wondering if the spirit of generosity and gratitude extend to business contexts. For example, how do people respond when they are presented a product or service without a corresponding price? I am specifically referring to situations where the seller invites the buyer to name his own price for something … Read More

Startup Events

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It has been said you should enter a business plan competition at most once. Steve Blank wouldn’t even go that far. Most startup events are similar, particularly around universities – going to more than one can be dangerous in that it creates a false sense of accomplishment. Don’t get me wrong, these events are fun, and for the people presenting, … Read More

How to land a big fish

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Startups often want to sign up well recognized brands as customers. It increases the credibility of their own brand and provides social proof to their smaller customers. However, the sales approach that worked for a smaller customer doesn’t always work for a larger one. This post details a situation where I failed to recognize the difference in approaches and some … Read More

When you learn your customers aren’t just API calls

FilestackStartups, Thoughts and Knowledge0 Comments helps mobile and web application developers directly integrate with the user’s files in multiple cloud storage platforms. We save developers time because they don’t have to write custom code for file upload and file management. tl;dr: When doing customer development it’s valuable to focus on the non-work related persona of the customer. Since we are developers, we understand that … Read More

How to hire a sales person?

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First, let’s set some boundary conditions. This post is targeted at tech startups that are looking for an execution focused, front-line sales person. is a good example of this kind of a company. This post is not about bringing on a business co-founder or hiring your first senior business person. I have seen similarities between hiring a rank-and-file salesperson … Read More

What hackers don’t know about business

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The hackers in the valley have managed to convince all the business majors that learning to code is important; Coding is a prerequisite for communicating with your programmers or to attract a good technical co-founder. At, we have found ourselves debating about this quite often. However, I also want to argue the reverse, that hackers need to understand business. … Read More

4 Insights from a Hacker News Launch

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Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the MVP “You know what, screw it, let’s launch.” It was Tuesday: we just had a basic demo of and some friends poke at it and a long “pre-launch” to-do list, but we decided to throw caution to the wind and share our fledgling product with the world. We chose … Read More