Rogue One didn’t need the Force, they needed Filestack

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This weekend I found myself at home trying to take a break from all things work related. I decided to sit and watch Rogue One with my family, and wouldn’t you know,  I wound up thinking about work. Specifically, I found myself thinking that Filestack and specifically our new release of Filestack Intelligent Ingestion makes the entire plotline pointless. Spoiler … Read More

Google and MIT Take Giant Leap in Mobile Image Processing

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Google & MIT Machine Learning

To say that digital photography has changed in the last ten years would be an understatement bordering on absurdity. Since I’ve graduated high school, we’ve gone from blurry, low-res camera phones to those that rival some of the best prosumer cameras on the market. I can take a 12-megapixel image, run it through Photoshop, save it to my Dropbox and … Read More

Web Pages Loading Slow? Optimize Images to Decrease Page Load Time

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Generally, if your site takes more than 2-3 seconds to load, the average internet user will abandon it in search of similar resources they’ll be able to access quicker. Unoptimized images are one of the most common culprits of slow site load speed. So, before you overload your website with a ton of larger-than-necessary image files, it’s essential that you optimize … Read More

Uploading Webcam Images with Filestack

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I was recently looking into commonly asked questions about content uploading and found that there are presently 370 active questions on Stackoverflow about how to upload an image taken via webcam. This isn’t a surprising number when all of the aspects involved are considered. I understand these issues first hand because I personally spent weeks researching and re-building the webcam … Read More

Filestack Surpasses 100,000 Applications! 🎉

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Earlier this week, Filestack surpassed 100,000 applications! As we continue to develop our product and grow our community, we cannot thank YOU enough for fueling Filestack’s success. We are able to grow thanks to constant requests and genuine feedback. filepicker_production=> select count(*) from apps; count ——– 100001 (1 row) We’re Proud of Every Single App Filestack’s success is defined by the … Read More

LinkedIn Launches Photo Filters and Editing in their App… And You Can, Too.

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LinkedIn's New Photo Filters

On March 14, LinkedIn released Photo Filters and Editing for profile pictures, along with guidelines on how to get noticed with a “professional” photo (read more here). The fact is, profile pictures are important, and you don’t always need a professional headshot to look good. Often, a selfie with some nifty filters will do the trick. With LinkedIn’s new features, … Read More

The Complete Image File Extension List for Developers

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JPEGs. PDFs. SVGs. Even for the most savvy developers, keeping track of all available image file extensions isn’t easy. Using the wrong (or suboptimal) file format could result in: Low image/video/audio quality Unnecessarily large file sizes Slow delivery of large files Inaccessibility of data within the file Simply put, knowing and understanding the many types available – their functions, features,and … Read More

Comparing Node & JQuery File Upload vs Filestack

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We often recommend using Filestack to upload files. But why is Filestack really better than building your own file uploader from scratch? Does Filestack actually save you time and provide more capabilities? First things first… What is Filestack? If you’re not familiar with Filestack, it is an end-to-end file upload and management solution. Through our JavaScript library or RESTful API, you can … Read More

Building Prisma-like Filters with Pytorch and Filestack

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One of the coolest papers to come out of the deep learning renaissance has been A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style. Presumably, it’s what drives Prisma, and it’s completely open to the world. Anyone can build their own neural filters if they have the time and inclination — which is exactly what we are going to do. Using a combination of Filestack and … Read More

Comparing Google Vision and Clarifai in Production

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A few weeks ago, we published our thoughts and research into the major image-labeling service providers, including Microsoft Cognitive Services, Amazon Rekognition, Google Vision, and Clarifai. While we believed each had its merits and all returned accurate labels for most inputs, a combination of speed, content-detection and cost led us to choose Google Vision as the engine for our Image … Read More

Comparing image tagging services: Google Vision, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Amazon Rekognition and Clarifai

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Prior to integrating image tagging into our our API, here at Filestack we evaluated four of the most popular image tagging services. To determine which service to use, we looked at features, pricing, image size limits, rate limits, performance and accuracy. Ultimately, we decided to go with Google Vision today but the other services might be a good fit for your … Read More

How To Upload Large Files

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Uploading large files is a constant headache for developers. Pains like latency, speed, timeouts and interruptions, especially over mobile devices, are difficult to avoid. However, over the years, it is becoming increasingly important that your application be able to handle large files.   At Filestack, we provide file infrastructure for 100,000 applications worldwide, handling file uploads, transformations, storage, and delivery. … Read More

MaxCDN vs Fastly – Our Journey Choosing the Best CDN Partner

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Are you deciding between MaxCDN and Fastly for your CDN? This post details Filestack’s own notes and research from our hunt to find the best CDN to partner with to deliver billions of files for our end users around the world.  We presently deliver 186 TB of data with 1.7 billion requests monthly, so picking the right CDN was an … Read More

Accelerating Application Delivery with a CDN

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If you’ve ever encountered a slow loading webpage, you know exactly how wait time impacts user experience. According to Kissmetrics, a 4 second wait time leads to a 25% abandonment rate. The average Internet user expects a page to load in 2 seconds or less, and is not happy to wait longer than that.  These problems are only exacerbated on … Read More

AWS S3 vs Azure vs Google storage market share: what we see

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At Filestack, we handle millions of uploads monthly for developers around the world.  Developers are storing their files anywhere from their local machines, and or across multiple cloud drives such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Dropbox depending on their needs.  With this data, we’ve been able to draw some pretty interesting trends… What is the Most Popular Cloud Storage Destination? Well, … Read More

Where did the $9 Plan go? Or, let’s talk about failure.

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Hello! It’s Caitlin, your friendly neighborhood data sleuth.  I was waiting to write about a really cool experiment where we found awesome things and were super successful for my second blog post, but instead I’m going to talk about getting things wrong.   For a long time we’ve been hearing from users who wanted something between the free plan and … Read More

Drag and Drop Files into your App, just like Slack (Demo in jQuery)

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Slack recently announced new file sharing functionality.  Now, Slack users can easily share content by dragging and dropping files, or by accessing files on native and outside services, including Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Drag and Drop File Uploads:   Native and Outside Service Files: Slack’s announcement made our geeky file-sharing-enthusiast hearts burst with joy  – we LOVE seeing companies … Read More

Software Shoutout: Top 5 Tasks Chartio Does For Me

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You know how sometimes you find a product that makes your work so much easier you wonder how you ever worked without it?  Here at Filestack we hope our customers feel that way about us, but while focusing on making Filestack better, we’ve found a few products indispensable. Hi, I’m Caitlin, I work on data analytics at Filestack, and I’m kind of … Read More

Twitter: You make it too hard to share

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Twitter, you are the best when it comes to sharing thoughts with the world. From sparking trends to mobilizing movements across the world, you have built an incredible platform to bring people together.  When it comes to sharing thoughts and articles, you are the number one. But, there is no great way to share images on your platform. When I … Read More

Instagram API changes – Our problem not yours

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On June 1st, Instagram started to enforce new policies to their platform. Now, all applications that have not already gone through their recertification process are being moved to the developer’s sandbox and cut off from public availability. Fortunately, Filestack confirmed its place as an authorized application early enough that our platform will continue to function as usual for all of … Read More

A Great API Usurped by a Mobile SDK

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Last week Mapquest announced the release of their iOS and Android SDK, as well as the end of their Javascript Maps API, signalling their full commitment to the mobile application ecosystem. More and more users access the web via application. As a result, developers are relying on 3rd party SDKs to deliver core functionality to their applications.  Filestack will soon … Read More

An Introduction to Filestack

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Like most SaaS businesses, describing what we do can be a challenge. In the past we’ve used a number of terms to describe what Filestack is (and isn’t) with varying degrees success and completeness. One of the key reasons we felt compelled to transition the company from Filepicker to Filestack was to expand the focus from our picker (what most … Read More

Why you should be entering Hackathons

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Competition brings out the best in products and worst in men. Or so said David Sarnoff, the guy credited with developing the communications industry in the U.S. There are many on ChallengePost – the platform that powers online challenges and in-person hackathons – that may have a different view on Sarnoff’s statement. Including many of our own clients that fight … Read More

YouTube, the best acquisition ever?

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No, I did not just say that. I did, however, hear it offhand somewhere and it stirred something in me. Or more so my thoughts on the ‘next big’ media transition that we find ourselves in the midst of. Don’t roll your eyes, just yet. Just think back to 2006. Crazy. Short-sighted. Stupid money. Everyone had an opinion when Google … Read More

14 books for developers that we love

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When does one decide to become a programmer? Some people may do it on the side just for fun, some people may decide to go to school for it, some people just use it as a solution to a certain problem. But for all programmers we find techniques and chunks of code that we find work well – that we … Read More

Code learning resources

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In today’s technology-driven society, the ability to code is a high-value skill that opens up job opportunities and offers unique ways to make an impact on the world. If you’re interested in learning to code or helping your kids learn this vital skill, you may find the following resources helpful. Code Academy Code Academy is an online educational portal where … Read More

Our Fave Code Editor: vi

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From vi To Emacs, It’s All About Your Philosophy Based on our experience, we haven’t found a huge difference between Emacs and vi code editors. We’ve switched between Emacs and vi a few times, and find that vi is more in sync with our thinking style, because it’s easier and faster to get familiar with. We originally used Emacs for … Read More

7 Productivity Tips for Startups

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Need some inspiration? Here are 7 tips for staying productive while working for a startup: 1. Practice Zero Inbox Try to practice zero inbox. Even though emails may keep piling on, it’s not productive to keep them lingering around. Process emails as quickly as you can. Reply to the ones that need replies. Delegate the ones that need to be … Read More

4 Netcasts For The Tech Commute

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For those of you who don’t work virtually, or from home, most of us have a commute. What better way to use that time than to keep your mind off work, but keep you inspired for the day? Listen to these four netcasts to stay informed, brainstorm ideas, and expand your horizons.

Apps we use to run our Startup

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We were inspired by the share as image blog that noted Filepicker as one of the apps they use to run their startup. So, just as they said, we aren’t getting anything for sharing. This is just what apps we love! Stripe If you’re running a SaaS, Stripe is pretty much a must have. It handles all our payments – … Read More

Ink – Work Together

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Over the past year, we’ve gone from a single javascript widget to a full suite of products that help over 20,000 applications connect, process, and store over 400 million files each month. As the company and products continue to grow, we wanted a name that could grow with us, and so are announcing the new name of the company: Ink. … Read More

Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

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Express your ideas with conviction, but be willing to drop them and adopt better ideas as they come along. The best leaders and organizations are those that are pragmatic. Here at Filestack, we say “Strong Opinions, Weakly Held” – a concise and effective way of encouraging active debate and the meritocracy of ideas. “Strong Opinions” means two things: that you … Read More

Twilio is our doorman

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We’ve been growing in headcount and we found ourselves with an odd problem: we didn’t have enough key fobs to the office. moved into a nice work live space overlooking AT&T park last October and our landlord has been great; we just kept asking for more key fobs. However, here’s how we got Twilio to open the door for … Read More

User testing at startups

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First let’s set some boundary conditions for this post. It is meant for early stage tech startups with limited resources embarking on their first usability testing experiment. Yes, usability testing is important. But performing usability testing at an early stage startup is hard. Best practices from larger companies with dedicated product managers do not carry over easily. We learned this … Read More

A Paradigm Shift in Cloud Storage

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Very recently, without many people realizing it, there’s been a major shift in the way that software companies treat cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. Online storage is starting to become a primary hard drive for users rather than a secondary. We’ve been seeing it in the rapid pace of our growth as well as through moves … Read More

Do name-your-price models yield revenue?

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Fresh from Thanksgiving and its associated warm fuzzies, I found myself wondering if the spirit of generosity and gratitude extend to business contexts. For example, how do people respond when they are presented a product or service without a corresponding price? I am specifically referring to situations where the seller invites the buyer to name his own price for something … Read More

Designing Javascript APIs

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We at spend a lot of time thinking about APIs. With the release of our Version 1.0 javascript API, we thought about best practices for javascript API design, and wanted to share them so that when we use your API, it’ll be just as awesome as when you use ours. Rules of your Javascript API Rule 0: Never make … Read More

When you learn your customers aren’t just API calls

FilestackStartups, Thoughts and Knowledge0 Comments helps mobile and web application developers directly integrate with the user’s files in multiple cloud storage platforms. We save developers time because they don’t have to write custom code for file upload and file management. tl;dr: When doing customer development it’s valuable to focus on the non-work related persona of the customer. Since we are developers, we understand that … Read More

Inspirations – Cross service photo bucket

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I can’t tell you how many times my Mom has wanted to collect everyone’s photos from an event or a trip, and how every time the process feels like pulling teeth. I use Dropbox, my sister has photos on Facebook, my Dad’s are on Picasa – it’s a mess. In light of this problem, might we suggest: cross-service photo … Read More

Hacking a File API onto IE8

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With the release of our Javascript API, we’ve had a number of people ask how in the world we were able to make a cross-browser solution for reading, writing, and storing files in javascript, especially with IE8. It’s fun stuff, so I wanted to share with the community how we did it. Warning: what follows was painful to implement. If … Read More

HTML5 apps: Silk, Audiograph, Circuitlab

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Zuck may have given up on HTML5 but the rest of us including haven’t. We are BIG believers in the future of HTML5; both for web and mobile apps. That is why we are ardent supporters of the HTML5 Developer Conference on October 15th and 16th in San Francisco. A week ago we announced the HTML5 contest to reinforce … Read More

Keep your tools sharp

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When you are part of a small team at a fast-growing company like, there is a constant push to focus only on the immediate task at hand, to Get Things Done. This focus is incredibly important, and many fledgling companies fail because they try to do too many things before they’re ready. On a personal level, however, it’s important … Read More

How to hire a sales person?

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First, let’s set some boundary conditions. This post is targeted at tech startups that are looking for an execution focused, front-line sales person. is a good example of this kind of a company. This post is not about bringing on a business co-founder or hiring your first senior business person. I have seen similarities between hiring a rank-and-file salesperson … Read More

Photos are a b*tch: Photo uploading is broken

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Filestack’s goal is to connect the user’s files, photos and videos to the applications that need them. Recently we have been working a lot with user photos and here is what we learned. Photos are hard to work with for a developer As a developer looking to add the photo experience into your application you have two problems: 1. There are … Read More