Generate a Zip File Programmatically with Javascript & React

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Zip files are ubiquitous files on the net. We use them frequently when sending an e-mail or downloading a program. What is a zip file? It’s an archive format which contains one or several files in a compressed form in order to reduce the overall size of the file. This is not a new technology. The zip format was invented in … Read More

Yahoo study finds filters increase photo views 21%, comments 45%

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Photo filters are everywhere on the internet.  But do they really affect engagement? Yes.  A lot. At least according to an  interesting 2015 study from the team at Yahoo Labs and Georgia Tech called Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement (PDF) which looked at the use of photo filters in the Flickr community. Based on a study of 7.6 … Read More

[Tutorial] Add watermarks to images using React and Filestack API

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You might remember the case of the monkey selfie. In 2011, a nature photographer named David Slater was in Indonesia to photograph some Celebes crested macaques. He set up the camera on a tripod, and left the remote trigger for the camera out so that a macaque that wandered by could take it’s own picture.  One of the macaques actually did, taking some amazing … Read More

Create Profile Pictures with NodeJS, JQuery & Google MDL

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In this tutorial, we will walk through using Filestack’s API to upload avatars for applications. Filestack’s team strive provide more and more sophisticated algorithms to manipulate images: This is not just for filtering or image transformations but rather to provide a complete API for users to ease app development. This is actually not the first time we are working with face recognition, … Read More

How to Build an Instagram Clone with React, Node.js and Redux

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Today, I will demonstrate how to create an Instagram clone – in which you can upload files, apply image filters, and share your photos with the world. I will use  React, Node.js, and Redux, as well as Filestack to power the app’s file uploading and image processing functionality. To create an Instagram clone, you need to: Implement a file uploader with a pick function. … Read More

Future Proofing UPLOADS with Filestack

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Uploading local files without Filestack is about to take three steps forward…and two steps backwards. In a continued effort to rid the Web of flash, Mozilla has been working with Microsoft on a proposal that would provide directory picking and directory drag-and-drop, which sounds like a good thing. However, due to the potential for performance problems when working with a … Read More

Is CDN the answer to file overload?

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The more images, the better. And have another million or so additional files that will create the best-looking, most interactive and profitable site ever. Just upload and let the cash roll in. It’s that easy. Or so believes the creative people in your business. They may know the trigger points – images, social profiles, downloadable files – to get users … Read More

Image Compression with JPEGtran and OptiPNG

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I remember the first time I opened the new Photoshop 7.0 in the computer lab in high school. This is back when there was only one room in the school that had computers, and there was only one computer that had a Photoshop licence. I booked time on the machine, and cracked open some photos that I took, and wanted … Read More

N00b: My first time installing Filepicker

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The following is a walkthrough on installing Filepicker for the first time. Alright, so it’s been 8 months since I’ve been working for Filepicker as the marketing guy, and I haven’t installed Filepicker yet. I got an email from my boss looking for a demo of the product – as in how a developer would install and use it. Since … Read More

Changes in User Uploads from Dropbox

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Filepicker has enabled millions of file uploads via Dropbox, from your users to your website or app. Previously, these files went through a shared Dropbox API key, but for enhanced security and comply with Dropbox’s new Terms of Service, we now require all developers to enter their own Dropbox credentials. This process will not impact your end user experience, or … Read More

The fastest way to get Filepicker configured. Boom.

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Getting started in Filepicker is pretty easy, and with the launch of our new documentation, there’s lots of code examples to look at. But what if we could make it even easier? Yeah, we did that. Enter Quickstart. Quickstart is like a WYSIWYG. Fill out the form to get the Filepicker you’re looking for. Then on the right, you’ll have … Read More

How Caching Works in Filepicker

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There are three steps of caching in Filepicker. The following are Filepicker’s internal cache layers, with the first layer being the browser: The first layer is the browser cache. Whenever Filepicker returns a file, whether it was converted or not, the file is loaded with a cache control response header telling the browser to cache the file. The second is … Read More

Install Your Own Filepicker Developer App On Dropbox

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White Label Your Custom Dropbox App On Filepicker’s scale plan, you can have a complete white labeled experience to connect your own dropbox account. It will enable your users to pick files from their dropbox via your custom application. Follow along with the steps below. It should take you less than 7 minutes to setup! How To Use Your Custom … Read More

Blur And Sharpen Your Uploaded Images Filepicker URL Filters Do Image Conversion For You

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With Filepicker, the days of editing images in Photoshop are coming to an end. Once you upload images to Filepicker, you can edit that image directly from its URL. Image Conversion Filepicker makes it ease to work with user content by enabling image post-processing. That way, regardless of what type of file a user uploads from the Cloud or a … Read More

Filepicker JIRA Plug-In 1.1

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After being awarded as “Best Plug-In of May” by Atlassian, we used this excitement to add a linking feature to the plugin. With Version 1.1, you can link files from any of the cloud sources which host files and stop worrying about keeping JIRA in sync. Check out the video here Check out the newest version of the plugin here

Filepicker Plug-In for JIRA

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Recently we released our Filepicker JIRA Plug-In to enable JIRA users to attach files, select profile photos, and export records using all Filepicker supported cloud sources. The way organizations are consuming software is radically changing. Consumerization of enterprise IT is emerging as the dominant model for software adoption. Atlassian’s products: JIRA and Confluence are leading the charge on how software … Read More

Using ‘debugger’ to help in javascript debugging

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When you’re working on javascript code, you can set a breakpoint from your editor by putting in the statement ‘debugger;’ in your code where you want to break. It’s better in many cases than manually setting a breakpoint in the inspector. I recently was working with a very talented front-end engineer who had never seen this trick, and so wanted … Read More

Chrome extension-attach files from the cloud to Gmail using

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In trying to help a friend get more storage space during the Dropbox Space Race, Alex Milouchev built something really cool: a Google Chrome extension for attaching your files anywhere on the web to Gmail. Using, Alex’s Chrome extension (christened Cloudy) allows you to attach your files from Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, etc. directly to your Gmail. No … Read More video from cloud platforms & mobile devices

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What do Airbnb, Zendesk, & MIT Enterprise Forum have in common? They all leverage the power of the VidCaster platform to deploy and manage video sites. VidCaster helps marketing professionals, video professionals, and e-learning and training professionals take the pain out of creating, hosting and distributing video content. integration Today, we joined forces with VidCaster to enable users to … Read More

Filepicker+Opentok=video apps that save to the user’s cloud

FilestackWorking with Filepicker0 Comments’s goal is to connect the user’s files, photos and videos to the applications that need them. Recently we have seen an increased demand from our customers for additional video functionality. So we partnered with Tokbox’s Opentok API to make that happen quickly. Opentok is a flexible cloud-based API that makes it easy to add face-to-face video to your application … Read More forms in the cloud

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We are happy to announce that JotForm and will be working together to enhance your form building experience. JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Before JotForm, web based form builders were painful to use. You would add a question by going to an “Add Question” page. JotForm introduced the idea of building a web form on … Read More