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The Filestack ROI Calculator: Estimating the Real Cost of DIY

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You pay your developers good money to build amazing features. The question is: What is worth building and what is worth buying? Traditional thinking says to build your own upload infrastructure, but this is a trap.

Yes, you can build it, but at what cost?

Before you get started with the ROI Calculator, consider everything it takes into account.


Developers like anyone else have 24 hours in a day, and the most successful businesses utilize developer time to enhance their product. So ask yourself: is building an upload infrastructure the best use of your developers’ time? We’re not saying this is an unimportant part of your business, reliable uploads are actually what we obsess about! The point we’re trying to make is that your developers’ talents could be best used elsewhere.

Perhaps there is a new feature that has been in the backlogs for far too long, or a recurring bug that needs fixing. Whatever the case may be, why spend your invaluable time hacking together a solution for a problem that has already been solved?

Development Costs

Still considering building your own infrastructure? You probably won’t be going at it alone. Here is a list of the necessary jobs, and ultimately costs, for building an upload infrastructure:

  1. Development: Hiring and assigning developers to tasks will be the most costly aspect of your operation. You cannot skimp on this step, or you risk building a poor product which wastes everyone’s time.
  2. Project Management: Before you begin, you have to know where you are going. Project Management is time consuming but essential to finding success. It is also a fluid process that requires attention as you build.
  3. QA & Testing: No matter how skilled you are, someone has to test the implementation. Odds are the first draft won’t be what you are looking for.
  4. Maintenance: Maintenance is the cost of building your upload infrastructure that lasts indefinitely. If something goes awry, it’s your support team that foots the bill. Instead of helping customers solve more pertinent issues, they spend their time on an internal issue.

Looking to the Future

Your customers think the world revolves around them, and they are right. If you don’t update your uploading process, you risk losing them to competitors. This is what you must keep in mind for the future when building an upload infrastructure:

  1. Upload Reliability: Nothing ruins a user’s experience like a failed upload. Faced with a future dominated by mobile devices, ensuring reliability becomes an even bigger challenge. How will you counteract this?
  2. Interface Updates: Before your user clicks the upload button, they have to know where it is. This is only scratching the surface of the problem. It is on you to provide an interface that is not only appealing to look at but will intuitively makes sense. It is an ongoing process that must keep up with industry standards and requires constant attention.
  3. Automation: You will need to make your uploading process smart. The alternative is constant manual intervention, something startups can’t afford. Machine learning models are readily available, but the time and learning investments are also steep.


Let’s run through an example of the ROI Calculator in action. For this use case, we will set the monthly uploads at 10,000 exclusively using images (just qualifying this instance for our $149 plan):


The Filestack ROI Calculator
10,000 monthly image uploads



The following page gives the cost breakdown for the use case beginning with time to launch and infrastructure needs:


An example of the Filestack ROI Calculator
Time to launch and infrastructure needs


Following that are details over the size and skill set of the team needed to build the infrastructure:


An example of the Filestack ROI Calculator
Team and skill requirements



Last but not least, the three year bottom line of Filestack versus building your own infrastructure:


An example of the Filestack ROI Calculator
The three year bottom line


Don’t Go At This Alone

Check a box off your list. Take care of those nagging bugs. Build that feature that adds value to your business.

While you’re off doing what you want and gaining peace of mind, we’ll take care of this:

  1. Upload: It all starts with our beautifully designed Picker. Give your customers 20+ upload options to pick from including Google search, webcam, and of course from their own device. Once they click upload, you can rest assured it will work. We have spent a considerable amount of time developing our Content Ingestion Network (CIN), which acts as a reverse CDN that gets user content to your application. We also tackled unstable mobile uploads with Intelligent Ingestion which tracks network connection and ensures a successful delivery.
  2. Transform: Whether it’s you or your customers’ assets, Filestack empowers you to do a lot with them. Automatically resize, crop or even make a collage with our Image Transformations. Take it a step further with ContentIQ which custom trains machine learning models to cut down bottlenecks in your workflow.
  3. Deliver: We partner with Fastly to deliver a CDN that ensures all of the assets in your cloud storage reach their desired destination. And at the end of the day, we haven’t found a cloud storage we can’t connect with.

Your business needs you to solve problems without answers, not the ones with answers. Reach out to us so you can check uploads off of your list. Please leave any questions in the comment section or reach out directly, we’re always eager to talk.

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