Uploading files to Salesforce just got easier…at last

- April 24, 2015

Salesforce integration with third party providers. These are the words that its millions of users and developers have been waiting to hear for so long. And we finally heard those sweet words last year when the SaaS CRM player announced its integration with external file storage providers.

And the good news just keeps coming. Filepicker now offers Salesforce integration in beta form, allowing users to add this service to their own dialog as a source.

Users, as we all know, have their files stored across a multitude of platforms. And as Salesforce continues to flex its market share and offering, an increasing number of users want and need to upload their files to its service.

Salesforce’s own uploading tool – Files Connect – is initially only integrating with Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneDrive. And while Google Drive and other options may be coming on board in the future, it is unknown when.

Filepicker, on the other hand, supports all major cloud drives. Filepicker gives users the opportunity to upload files using their own dialog in five different locations – Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks and Events.

How the Filepicker Salesforce integration works:

1. Uploaded files appear as in standard Salesforce style:

sf12. Simply Attach your Files to the system


3. You can also pull your files from your list of storage devicessf3

The system administrator can adjust the dialog settings while we have also implemented Single Sign On to Filepicker developer portal.

sf4 sf5 sf6
If you want to add Salesforce to your dialog as a source, please send us a note to contact@filepicker.com