The Complete List of Top Workflow Tools of 2018

Workflow tools are vital to an organization in the Information Age. They enable faster completion of tasks in addition to maximizing the efficiency of business processes. The use of workflow automation tools is so important in today’s fast-paced business environments that they may be what gives any company its competitive advantage. The following are some of the best digital workflow tools on the market today:

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is automation software linked to the Windows OS that can perform several tasks including data collection and file synchronization. The automation of repetitive business processes is done by turning those processes into multiple step workflows. Not only can you create workflows on Microsoft Flow but you can also invite others to have a stake in your workflows and help you run them. The software provides you with thousands of templates from which you can start creating workflows.


WorkflowGen is generally associated with the business workflow and process management. Businesses of all sizes can utilize it to streamline and achieve fluidity in their business processes. The web-based platform can give you real-time monitoring data and statistics on all aspects of your business including human resource management and procurement jobs to ensure all business processes are connected and working in tandem.

WorkflowGen can also assist in the creation of workflows with complex sub-processes that are securely displayed on the software’s interface. WorkflowGen includes an integrated remote approval service which allows you to monitor and be in control of various business processes without being on site. WorkflowGen can handle all file formats with the added advantage of enabling you to launch workflows from third-party applications.


KissFlow is a business process management software that is very easy to set up and use. Its ease of use comes from its five-step workflow wizard which brilliantly simplifies workflow design. The above also means that employees with little to no IT expertise can also use the software. With real-time data acquisition and display, KissFlow allows you to improve and alter business processes at the same speed for optimal efficiency.


Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing software that allows for full range of control over your CRM. Any successful automation relies on contextually triggered events and for marketers thats Hubspot’s powerful automation. With Hubspot Workflows, users are able to compile lists of enrollment triggers and following actions – as well as track performance and history. Hubspot uses IFTTT (if this, then that) actions as a basis for building out workflow automations. Hubspot’s workflows streamline marketing efforts whether users are working to build an email campaign, add delays between workflow actions, set property values (like trial start date) and more.


Pipefy is a unique cloud-based business process management software in that tasks are designed to move sideways through process phases. Each phase is designed to follow certain conditions whenever certain triggers are activated. Each process has its templates that are based on best business practices. You can quite easily create and manage a team’s workflows with Pipefy including team activities and collaboration with the ability to generate reports and measure productivity.

Pipefy also has unique features such as a two-step user authentication process, a calendar view, approval flows and administrator control. However, its most significant advantage is its ability to be integrated into over 500 applications including Slack and Pipedrive.

GitHub Flow

GitHub is arguably one of the most powerful resources on the market today. It is a developer tool that can be used to host and review code, manage projects and build software. With a user base of over 21 million businesses and organizations, GitHub brings teams together all while streamlining the way that they work to move projects forward.

GitHub Flow is based around the use of lightweight, branch-based workflow actions where users are able to safely experiment with changes, receive feedback from peers and share and deploy code. GitHub Flow simplifies the collaborative and code sharing processes of millions of developers worldwide.

Box Skills

Box Skills is an enterprise collaboration tool that prides itself on creating structure and extracting insights from your data at scale. Box Skills applies an AI framework to your business to make processes like image labeling, speech transcription and natural language understanding that much simpler. The best part is that Box Skills applies AI directly into your work – streamlining how teams work with content and push business forward.


For developers and non-developers alike, Filestack Workflows allows users to securely automate content curation workflow tasks into a single API call, regardless of their industry or use case. Filestack Workflows’ simple to use UI has the power to thoroughly scan documents for content that may be not suitable for work (NSFW), quarantine viruses that may be threatening to you computer systems, transform simple images and ensure accuracy throughout your entire content journey. Pair Workflows with Filestack OCR for top-of-the-line data processing and extraction. Most of all, Workflows allows for all these processes to happen efficiently. The Filestack Workflows product is the new standard for securely curating digital content at scale.

Workflow automation is leading the way in maximizing efficiency for businesses all over, regardless of their industry or use case. Reach out to us to get started today with Filestack Workflows and change the way you do business. 

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