Add a Custom Source to your Filepicker Dialog

Mark BakkerWorking with Filepicker0 Comments

Great news! You can now add a custom source to your list of sources in Filepicker. This allows your users to select from your S3 bucket. Also, if you only want them to look at a specific folder, you can specify that too!

If you are on the accelerate plan or higher, you can start using it right away. If you have a similar idea that would make your life so much easier, give us a shout!

Enabling a custom S3 bucket for Filepicker

  1. Once you’re logged into the dashboard, select “Custom Source” under Credentials.
  2. Check the “Use Custom Source” box. You’ll be prompted to confirm.
  3. Custom Source Name: use a name that will appear to your users in the Filepicker dialog.
  4. Enter your S3 credentials.
  5. Default S3 Bucket: what files for your users to see
  6. Bucket Path: Select a folder within the S3 bucket that will restrict what the users will see.

It’s that simple! If you have any problems setting your own custom source, send us an email