We’ve launched new documentation!

We are excited to announce we’ve launched our new developer documentation! Browse through all our API calls and quickly get your new project running—or explore our advanced capabilities.

Column One

Choose from our Javascript API, REST API and more. Once you’ve made a selection it will show you all the options, just as our old docs used to work.

Column Two

This is the guts of the operation. Everything you came to look for. We’ve made it easy to parse by using a legend. Syntax is in red, function attributes are in a grey arrow box, and accepted options are in blue.

Column Three

This is our favourite part. This column has code examples of what you’re reading about. But don’t be shy, these are 100% modifiable. Go ahead and manipulate the code to adjust to your specific needs. Then hit “Run” and the Filepicker dialog will open with your changes.

Our most common troubleshooting technique is to set an API key, which will then pull settings configured in the Filepicker developer portal.

Quick Tip: If you are logged into the developer portal, and you’re browsing the documentation, we automatically insert your API key into these examples. When you hit Run, it’s as if you are testing it in your environment.

We are pretty stoked on the new docs, but we want to hear what you think. Send us your honest feedback or suggestions to mark@filestack.com.

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