5 Largest Data Breaches of 2024

In 2024, numerous significant online security incidents impacted billions of people worldwide. These breaches highlight the urgent need for more effective cybersecurity measures.

Below are detailed accounts of the five most impactful breaches this year:


Trello experienced a data breach in January 2024. The breach involved 15 million accounts, with data including emails, usernames, full names, and other account information being leaked. This occurred after a hacker utilized a public API to match an existing database of emails with Trello accounts. Following this incident, Trello’s owner, Atlassian, updated their security measures to harden public APIs and now requires authentication.


Microsoft faced a major security breach affecting many user accounts across its services, from Office 365 to Outlook emails. Personal information was exposed, including names, email addresses, and potentially confidential documents.

This breach has raised serious concerns about the adequacy of Microsoft’s current security measures and the need for more robust protection mechanisms to safeguard user information against sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Real Estate Wealth Network

The Real Estate Wealth Network was hit by a severe data breach that exposed its clients’ and members’ extensive personal and financial information. The breach revealed sensitive data such as home addresses, mortgage amounts, and credit scores.

This incident has sent shockwaves through the real estate industry, emphasizing the critical need for advanced security measures and better data handling practices to prevent future breaches.

First American Financial Corp.

A significant breach at First American Financial Corp. exposed detailed personal financial records. Key documents, including bank statements, loan information, and social security numbers, were leaked, putting countless individuals at immediate risk of identity theft and financial fraud.

The breach highlighted the company’s inadequate data encryption practices and underscored the necessity for more stringent security checks and data protection strategies.


Facebook again encountered a substantial data breach in 2024, compromising the security of millions of user accounts. The breach allowed unauthorized access to personal data, including private messages and contact information.

This latest security lapse has forced Facebook to reevaluate and tighten its privacy policies and security measures, striving to rebuild trust among its users and strengthen its defenses against data theft. These significant breaches underscore the ongoing vulnerabilities in digital security systems and the sophisticated methods cybercriminals use to exploit these weaknesses.

They are a stark reminder of the constant need for cybersecurity technologies and practice advancements.

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