5 Scenarios That Require Enhanced Uploading

Does your company require enhanced uploading capabilities? With Filestack Upload, you get a seamlessly integrated uploading platform that can handle your uploads from start-to-finish. There are many scenarios that might require enhanced uploading.

Here are just a few of them:

1. Uploading Files to a Community-Based Platform

Social media sites and other community-driven platforms often thrive on a wealth of user-generated content. This is content provided by the site’s visitors — which often has to be monitored and moderated. Whether it’s a community forum or a web-based magazine, it’s important to be able to manage the large numbers of uploads that users of the website will be producing.

Large, community-based platforms often need a scalable solution, as their traffic can be highly variable and their content delivery network will need to be able to deliver to a large volume of visitors. An enhanced upload solution can maintain the consistency of its operations even during peak traffic times.

2. Uploading Files to an EdTech Hub

Educational technology often requires that users be able to share files and other information, often in a centralized hub through which documents can be reviewed, studied, or graded. New EdTech platforms often involve social elements, with many instructors, users, and moderators involved.

An advanced uploading solution can prevent malicious programs from potentially being uploaded to the system, which could take down the entirety of a network. By scanning these files as they are uploaded, an advanced solution is able to quarantine them before they can infect the rest of the network or be shared to other individuals.

Further, being able to consistently upload and review files is incredibly important for a deadline-intense use case such as educational technology. Advanced uploading solutions will be able to scale with demand, preventing issues such as network “traffic jams” during heavy usage periods.

3. Uploading Files to Analysis and Discovery

There are many companies that need to upload and digitize files for the purposes of analysis. Legal firms are one of the most common. Legal firms regularly need to convert and upload large numbers of paper documents, which must then be analyzed via OCR and scanned for relevant keywords.

Enhanced uploading practices make it easier to get accurate OCR readings, while attached machine learning algorithms can automatically categorize documents according to how relevant they are.

4. Uploading Files to Project and Collaboration Systems

When businesses use internal collaboration systems for their employees, they often need to support the uploading, sharing, and downloading of files. Employees need a consistent way to upload files to their company’s internal system, as otherwise they won’t be able to easily work on projects together. The easier the upload system is to use, the less training and help the employees are likely to need.

Employee intranets often require that employees be able to upload and share large varieties of files, ranging from PowerPoint documents to spreadsheets. These files need to further be analyzed for potential viruses or other malicious programs, as businesses are among the most popular targets for cyber criminals.

5. Uploading Files to an eCommerce App

eCommerce sites often upload large volumes of files when adding inventory items, curating reviews, and producing commerce-related content. When it comes to retail, it becomes extremely important that files such as images are treated consistently. Files may need to be cropped for size, resized for thumbnails, or filtered to appear bright and professional.

Filestack Upload can be integrated into Filestack Workflows to produce images that are consistently formatted and properly transformed each time, producing a consistent look and feel to an eCommerce site. eCommerce sites can additionally allow users to upload their own files, such as files of their products in use — and this can be used to create important, valuable content for a retailer on-the-fly.

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