A Great API Usurped by a Mobile SDK

Last week Mapquest announced the release of their iOS and Android SDK, as well as the end of their Javascript Maps API, signalling their full commitment to the mobile application ecosystem.

More and more users access the web via application. As a result, developers are relying on 3rd party SDKs to deliver core functionality to their applications.  Filestack will soon release a completely rebuilt iOS SDK that is designed to be flexible and customizable.  It enables application developers to have complete control when integrating Filestack into their application.

As the Internet continues to evolve companies are placing their bets on what the future of the Internet will be. Mapquest has chosen to exclusively focus on providing the best SDK for Mapping available for the iOS and Android ecosystem. We at Filestack believe in a open and extensible internet that allows developers to acquire, transform and deliver all the necessary content to power their applications.

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