Account Analytics: Knowing is half the battle!

When it comes to running a successful business, knowing is, at minimum, half the battle. Up until now, Filestack reserved account-level analytics as a premium feature of paid accounts. Starting this week we’ve unlocked that feature for all account types, from the free Hobbyist plan to our Enterprise-level custom accounts tailored for specific use cases (yes, we offer those!).

Why is this important?

Each plan option carries maximum usage thresholds for the number of files you can pick, the max file size, number of conversions and bandwidth. When you exceed any of these limits on a paid account you will incur overages that are specified under your account description. However, if you’re on the free plan, your account will be locked if any of your limits has been exceeded. This lock prevents you from uploading files as well as serving stored files until the new billing cycle starts.

What analytics are available?

Your developer portal ( has an Overview feature that provides clear insights into the utilization for each of your apps (API keys). Using a number of graphs and charts, you will be able to track the following metrics:

Number of files uploaded, converted and accessed over the last 30 days.

File size and type of uploaded files. For example, Image, Video or Text.

Which services you or your users have been accessing (i.e. Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive)

Each one of these graphs is customizable to help you analyze how Filestack is being utilized by you and/or your end users.


What happens if I go over my limits?

As mentioned previously, customers on free accounts will have their accounts locked once any of the limits (uploaded files or bandwidth) have been exceeded. To prevent a disruption in service, Filestack sends emails to the owners of Hobbyist plans to alert them as they come close to their limits. If an account is locked due to hitting one or more account limits, service can be reinstated by upgrading to a paid plan or at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Paid plans are never cut off due to overages. Each of our paid plans has specific pricing for excess utilization. If you’re not sure about your current overage rates, please visit our pricing page for more information.

Pro Tip: If you see a steady increase in your utilization or if you’re going into a busy time of year (like the one right around the corner) it is significantly more cost effective to preemptively upgrade your account to the next highest plan rather than rely on the unpredictable nature of overage pricing your account.

As always, we want to help all of our customers be successful. If you have any questions regarding our analytics feature, overage pricing or account upgrades, please contact us:

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