Get Content Management at Scale with Filestack’s Management API

content management api

Content management is challenging enough when it’s just your own site, but for a web development firm, the uploading, transformation, and delivery can get very crazy very fast. Let Filestack’s management API take the pain out of managing your clients’ assets.

Why Use Filestack?

Companies like Grailed, Social Print Studio, and Teachable rely on Filestack to get organized, work efficiently, and save time. Filestack delivers the solutions you need for content management in an easy to use API. You can process large files quickly, integrate content from anywhere right into the cloud, and use custom machine learning for image recognition and fast categorization. When you think about scaling this up to a web development firm, the potential for time savings and efficiency workflow grows exponentially.

It’s incredibly easy to get started with Filestack (seriously, it takes minutes). Bulk workflow tools allow your team to batch file transformations so they can power through work, while retaining the option to work file-by-file when a project calls for greater attention to detail.

With Filestack, you can let machine learning make smart suggestions, so your employees don’t need to sift through media to find the perfect image to accompany every blog post. You can automatically screen out NSFW content and convert file formats with ease and bid goodbye to those garbled, error-riddled conversions.

By closing the loop with efficient features, Filestack helps you work smarter. Not to mention, there’s 24/7 support if you need help with anything.

API is Key

You can see the brilliance of this for internal content management, but how does it help your clients?

The management API is key, as it replicates the basic Filestack capabilities at scale: file uploading, transformation, and delivery. This feature empowers web development firms to better manage clients who don’t want to devote any thought to content management and are solely focused on getting their site up quickly.

Your Developer’s Content Goes Here

This is very important if your client’s business relies on file sharing — say, a furniture restorer who needs to see an heirloom chair to write up an accurate quote. Without Filestack, upload errors will bring your clients’ customer journey to a screeching halt. If they receive error messages, they will forget about hiring your client to repair their furniture. Worse, some may even write negative reviews for your client or talk about how unprofessional they are — actions that can directly affect their business.

When uploads function seamlessly with the Filestack, your clients can rest assured everything is working properly on the back end and spend more time doing what they do best.

The API also helps your clients do what they need to do faster.

For entrepreneurs, timing is everything. A suite of solutions that lets them quickly upload and transform images, convert file formats, or transcode audio files helps busy entrepreneurs curate their site before launch so they can beat out competitors in their niche.

Ecommerce shop owners need high-quality images and videos to sell products, and this is where Filestack delivers superior solutions. Image transformation options such as rotate, watermark, crop, or resize let vendors edit product images, batched or one at a time, to stand out.

Better still, your clients will love the Filestack management API and they will speak highly of you for offering such an easy solution. You win on customer satisfaction (and revenue). Our clients rave about the high ROI realized when they switch to Filestack.

See how it all works with a free 14-day trial, or get the ball rolling and talk with an expert.

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