Creating the perfect picker was just the beginning – Introducing Filestack

Today, Filepicker becomes Filestack. We are super pumped about our new name which reflects how our company has evolved from a small MIT project into a file management framework that is capable of powering the images, videos and other files for some of the most popular and fastest growing apps on the Internet.

The last 5 years the world has known as the de-facto file uploader. Our widget’s ability to provide a simple, but powerful, file upload solution with a single line of JavaScript has allowed developers to prototype fast, build new companies, grow a larger customer base and focus on improving their core application. And we will continue to be a leader in this space. Our v2 uploader offers a number of new features including crop and flip in dialog, new cloud integrations, enhanced customization options and faster than ever uploads from any source.


But what do you do after you create the world’s most powerful, but simple to use, file picker?


You extend it into a powerful, end-to-end file management platform by adding tools that allow photos to be cropped, resized and made responsive; that allow videos to be encoded and upscaled for better resolution; that allow static office documents to be converted into web-friendly assets; you make all of these tools available via API; and you deliver everything rapidly and cost-effectively with an integrated CDN.

Just to give you an idea of how extensive and powerful Filestack is, here are a just a few of our new features:

Import from URL/API
Files no longer have to be uploaded with our widget in order for you to have access to our transformation engine. This allows for greater flexibility in the design of your app as well as the delivery of your content.

Transform and Transcode
We have launched a ton of new transformations including face detection, image filters, video conversions and upscaling, which can all be chained together to create custom workflows. And the best part, you don’t have the headache of building, managing and scaling your own expensive transformation infrastructure.

Fully managed storage or private storage
You can store all your images with us or integrate your own cloud storage or private storage target.

Responsive Image Delivery
A single stored image can be delivered dynamically in any size, resolution or aspect ratio. Get your images right on any device without the work and cost of storing multiple versions of the same file.

Full featured document viewer
Even though we live in the Internet Age, not all documents are web friendly. Allow your users to see Word, PowerPoint and PDFs on any device without heavy plugins or expensive office suites.

Super fast CDN
We have partnered with Fastly, the CDN trusted by Twitter and Google, to ensure all your images and docs are delivered fast and reliably.

We hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are…but this is just the beginning. File management is getting more complex every day and Filestack ‘s mission is to offer an ever-evolving end-to-end service that allows you to focus on the building amazing applications.

Our customers said they wanted a single solution that was as easy to implement as it is to use and that could provide all of the tools needed for complex workflows from ingestion to transformation to delivery.


Say ‘hello’ to Filestack.


If you want a demo of any of the new features, please sign up here. In the meantime, let us know what you think:

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And if you’re looking to integrate it into your tech stack, check out these guides on how to handle a PHP file upload, jQuery file upload, or AJAX file upload using Filestack.

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