Crema Meets Filestack for Responsive Dashboard Template

A few years ago, if you wanted to create a stunning website, you had to learn how to design a web page from scratch. But nowadays, there are countless templates out there, available for anyone. The hard part, however, is selecting the right one from many available templates.

On the other hand, for theme creators, the competition became harder as they needed to fulfill customer needs. Some themes are designed to provide multi-purpose themes while others are for more particular uses. Since web applications often include an admin dashboard, there are specific themes created to cover this purpose.

In an admin dashboard, administrators and other admin panel users can perform tasks such as monitoring, maintaining, adding, or editing site content and data. A good admin dashboard template should have a clean responsive design and many web components to cover different use cases. Documentation and good support are also essential when you are looking for a dashboard template. Let’s have a look at one of the best admin templates on the market.

About Crema

Crema Admin Template
Crema Admin Template

One of the top-selling admin dashboard templates on the Envato market is Crema React admin dashboard template. Crema has been built with the modern web developer in mind. It is available with MUI, React-Bootstrap, and Ant design and it supports a wide range of components that you can use to create your own custom admin dashboard. It uses React Hooks to write components more intuitively without using classes, and it is integrated with Redux and Context API for state management, making it fast and reliable.

Crema uses a fake API creator ‘axios-mock-adaptor’ to fetch data, making it very easy to integrate with the real servers. It’s also available with both Pure Context API and Redux + Context API to manage states.

Crema Template Features:

  • 11 Navigation styles.
  • 7 Inbuilt Apps.
  • Thousands of color combinations.
  • 6 Languages supported.
  • 3 Theme styles (Dark – semi-dark – light)
  • 2 Layouts (Full width – boxed)
  • Best coding practices implemented.
  • RTL support.
  • Fully responsive.
  • 300+ Widgets and metrics.
  • E-commerce App
  • Login and authorization system.
  • Well documented.
  • Slack channel for community members.
  • GitHub repository access.
  • Crema is integrated with a lot of high-end components such as Froala WYSIWYG editor and the leading charting JavaScript library FusionCharts.

The Challenge

One of the challenges that theme creators face is handling file uploads. Uploading files is a key feature in any admin dashboard. A good admin dashboard needs to implement a reliable and fast file upload system.

For example, if you will use this admin template for a content management system (CMS) application, you will need to add images and videos for blog posts or create pages. If you use it in an E-Commerce application, you will need to upload product images, user manuals, or datasheets. If you want to enable sending emails from your dashboard, you will need to attach files, and so on.

Crema meets Filestack

In their search for a reliable way to handle files, the Crema team found that Filestack provides the best solution not just for uploading files but also for file processing services. It has been proven that Filestack Intelligent Ingestion makes uploads successful even in places with the poor or fluctuating network quality. In combination with Filestack Content Ingestion Network, which optimizes upload speed for customers in areas that face challenging network conditions, you will realize why 100,000+ applications are using Filestack.

The Crema Filestack page demonstrates how Filestack’s clean design can fit into any dashboard. It displays an example of the intuitive Filestack inline file picker which allows you to upload files from your device using an external link or from your preferred social network. Moreover, it gives you the ability to search the web for a suitable image and upload it without needing to leave the page. In the second example, Crema uses Filestack to create a drag-and-drop file uploading area. Whatever interface style your users’ love, you will be able to implement it easily and set up an upload files widget in seconds.

With Filestack, you will give your users the ability to edit the image before uploading it. You will be able to crop, resize, flip, flop, and add a watermark to your image. Moreover, it will let you change the aspect mode, generate thumbnails, remove audio, correct brightness, and upscale the resolution for your videos. And those are just a few features from Filestack’s arsenal.

Apart from the image and video processing features, you can convert files to different formats. This is very helpful in different use cases.

Last but not least, Filestack is an intelligent uploading system. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect interesting areas of an image and assess its overall saliency. Get information, visual properties, and heatmap data of your image. You can use Filestack to auto-generate images and video tags. You can also use it to detect whether an image is copyright protected or not. Moreover, you can use Filestack OCR to reliably extract printed and handwritten data from your images. Click here to check out the other features that Filestack can provide.


If you are looking for a nice-looking and full-featured React admin dashboard template for your application, Crema is one of the best templates on the market. You will find all the features you are looking for, and it has a lot of components to help you build your dashboard fast. It is also fully documented, and you will find great support through the Slack channel and GitHub repository. Click here to check the Crema template out now.

If you are looking for a reliable, lightweight, fast, and mobile-optimized file-uploading system for your dashboard, use Filestack. It’s a complete uploading system that is loaded with features and can be easily integrated into any dashboard using SDKs as well as client-side and server-side APIs it provides.


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