Want To Increase Efficiency? Think Custom Machine Learning

custom machine learning models

Machine learning isn’t a new technology, but it’s one that’s changed exponentially over the last few years. If you’re considering customizing your machine learning initiatives to better serve your business, you’re heading in the right direction. But that path is also fraught with a great many moving parts and an overwhelming amount of data. To achieve the best custom machine learning models for any business, an expert approach is best.

Machine Learning: Definition and Benefits

Before you can begin your evolution into better custom machine learning models, first you have to understand what machine learning is and how it benefits your business. You can’t create success without set goals. You can’t set goals without understanding what the process should reap.

Machine learning is a specific area of artificial intelligence, or AI. For your business, machine learning offers you the ability to set the model so that the computer application can take in the data and react to it. Instead of having a person sift through your data to organize it into useful information, the system automatically goes through these pieces and gives you the analysis you need. The machine also updates the information automatically and changes that analysis as new data becomes available.

Machine learning is integral to staying current with the changes in technology. There is an unimaginable amount of data recorded on a continual basis. Having a human being sift through all of this information is less than efficient. There’s simply too many facets to possibly analyze all of it correctly. Key pieces of information will be missed this way, which means that your insights are always going to be off – slightly or massively.

Machine learning initiatives allow you to use all of the data at your disposal in a productive way. It helps you sift through the bits that aren’t essential for your purposes and target the information that will help you thrive without missing the big picture.

What It Takes to Build Custom Machine Learning Models

Building a custom machine learning model is no small feat. It is well worth the effort to gain the insights that can help you grow your business exponentially.

Here is a breakdown of some the best practice steps to build truly effective machine learning models that increase profits and productivity.

  1. Analyze Your Current Data. The data you currently use to run reports and help set the goals for your business will be the basis for the models of your machine learning initiatives. By assessing your current analytics protocol, you can more easily see where your methods might need work and which information is currently helping to successfully predict your progress.
  2. Organize Your Data. With all of the vast information coming into any system, it’s important that you correctly organize your data. This means segmenting the data into containers or areas where that data makes sense with the whole. In this way, you’re positioning information that’s useful for certain reports in the right place to automatically give you the analytics. You can place different types of information into categories where they’ll offer the most effective insights.
  3. Develop Your Models. There is something to be said for both simple and elaborate machine learning models. You may develop a number of different models and launch each of them to test their usability and ROI.
  4. Launch Your Model. Once you’ve built a model to answer specific questions, you can launch it and assess its effectiveness.
  5. Assess Reporting. You want to assess the reporting on all models continuously. This will help you fine tune the information as you go. You may find that you’re missing something integral or that some information is not as useful as you may have thought.

The Filestack ContentIQ Difference – Custom Machine Learning Models to Help You Flourish

Deploying custom machine learning models means a great deal of legwork, analysis, and technical knowledge. If you’d like to build the most efficient models to benefit your business without reinventing the wheel, start a conversation or learn more about custom machine learning models. Our experienced professionals can build you the perfect API for your specific needs and growth.

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