Why Filestack Makes Sense For E-Commerce

Today’s successful e-commerce businesses prioritize customer experience. Fast response times, clear photos, aligned text, reliable performance, and an intuitive and feature-rich interface all impact brand perception and customer satisfaction. These factors will even affect your e-commerce website’s ability to attract online customers because major search engines, like Google, factor load speeds and responsiveness in their algorithms.

It’s no myth that frustrated customers will back out and choose another website to conduct their business. In addition, Google has published a number of case studies that demonstrate how well-known brands have benefited by attracting more visitors, increasing conversions, and reducing bounce rates after they improved aspects of website performance even slightly. In the end, Google concluded businesses need to improve performance in order to improve user experience. The companies that maintain a competitive edge use the right tools to handle the technical tasks so customers always arrive on a site that’s enjoyable, fast, and easy to navigate.

How Cutting Edge E-Commerce Sites Deliver for Customers Every Time

What keeps struggling e-commerce businesses from meeting their customer’s expectations? Very often, they rely upon tools that just can’t scale. The technology that worked well enough can’t handle exponentially increased traffic, content, and distribution. These tools also won’t meet changing customer expectations or provide businesses with the insights that they need to even understand what their customers want.

Consider typical pain points that e-commerce sites have and the ways that Filestack can provide cutting-edge solutions.

Optimized Delivery

Even though it seems like we live in a digital world where messages can travel across the planet instantly, location still matters. When your e-commerce business was still mostly local or regional, your existing delivery tools may have functioned well enough. As you attract a larger and more distributed market, performance may start to falter. Even fractions of a second differences can impact conversions.

As mentioned in an earlier post about the Filestack Content Delivery Network, a CDN has distributed servers that have been optimized for proximity to distributed customer bases. People who visit your website in your hometown, across the country, or even overseas will enjoy the same high-performance experience.

Storage Choices

If your storage solution costs too much or no longer meets the needs of your growing company, you may have felt reluctant to change anything because you didn’t want to invest in migration or technical changes. Your desire to stick to a budget and avoid any potential downtime are easy to understand. You might experience this dilemma if your company already has a cloud hosting provider or wants to explore the benefits in the near future.

At the same time, a solution like Filestack can offer you many storage options so you don’t have to change anything in your infrastructure or storage. If you’re basically happy with your cloud hosting, the product already works with such popular services as Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, and Dropbox. Filestack also offers its own cloud storage that you can choose to use. Learn more about the ease of integrating Filestack with cloud storage.

Reliable Uploads

For many e-commerce sites, customer satisfaction depends upon reliable, intuitive, and feature-packed file uploads. Businesses may not always have total control over upload performance because customers could upload their content with cell phones, from congested networks, or even without access to fast broadband. Still, the right technology can go far towards making up the difference.

Filestack offers Intelligent Ingestion™ to account for every possible situation. Storage aliases also allow you to upload your assets directly to the cloud without having to re-upload or pay migration fees. Filestack also offers a number of uploading features and an upload API that you can customize with a number of SDKs, including Javascript, React, PHP, and more. Learn why Filestack has the top API for file uploads.

Image Transformation

Displaying clear and consistent images lie at the heart of e-commerce websites. In the past, companies either had to put a lot of effort into image displays or sacrifice quality, particularly as the amount of content the site had to manage grew.

Filestack allows you to handle bulk uploads of images with ease with its file transformation features. With a few clicks, you can set the image size, alignment, borders, effects, and many other qualities. Uploading thousands of images won’t generate any more work than uploading a dozen.

Content Intelligence

The amount of content uploaded to the internet grows every year at an exponential rate. Businesses enjoy value from this content, but that’s only true if they can handle it. During this content boom, many businesses have struggled to manage their content or understand what it told them about user expectations and behavior.

Filestack offers machine learning that gets smarter as it processes more files. The good news for customers is that Filestack has already learned from processing over a billion files, and it will get even smarter as it processes yours. Besides learning to process content better as it goes, this content optimization process can also deliver valuable insights to your business about the kind of content your customers offer and the way that your customers behave when they interact with your brand site.

Why Do Competitive E-Commerce Sites Need Filestack?

Filestack offers an all-in-one content delivery solution for your website or app. As your business scales, you can upload, manage, transform, and gain insights from your content with no additional effort or infrastructure. Moreover, your business can handle a wide and distributed audience with less effort and better results than it took to handle a small, local one. Get the tools you need to keep pleasing your customers so you can keep focusing on growing your audience by signing up for a free account today.

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