Error-free File Upload By Integrating Filestack, TestRail, And Jira Test Management Tool

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Test management tools are gaining importance for different applications and websites. The same is the case for file-uploading solutions. To ensure a high-quality user experience, it is important to perform test management. Jira test management tool can be helpful in this case. However, test management tools for Jira also require some good knowledge.

As developers, we know that the demand for UGC (user-generated content) is increasing. The reason is that the user data helps better in business decisions. There are several file-uploading solutions in the market, but Filestack is performing better so far. Therefore, we have decided to show the integration of Filestack with test management tools for Jira.

We are integrating Filestack with the Jira test management tool & TestRail because we want an error-free solution.

So, this article will explain getting an error-free file uploader through the integration of Filestack, TestRail, and Jira test management tools. Let’s continue reading till the end.

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Enhancing Efficiency with TestRail and Jira Integration

Integrating TestRail, a comprehensive test case management tool, with Jira, a powerful project management tool, offers a seamless workflow for software teams.

TestRail simplifies test case creation, organization, and execution, allowing teams to maintain structured testing processes. Jira, on the other hand, provides robust project management features, facilitating task tracking, issue management, and agile methodologies. By integrating TestRail with Jira, teams can leverage the strengths of both platforms to enhance efficiency and collaboration throughout the software development lifecycle.

What Is Test Management & Automation? 

The process of managing a testing activity refers to test management. It is associated with test automation. Simply put, we can say that a test management tool is a software to help in the test management process. There exist requirement and specification modules in the test management that allow the generation of a requirement test matrix.

The test management process includes organization, ensuring traceability, visibility, and controlling the test. It helps us to deliver high-quality file uploaders. Moreover, we ensure that our software functions according to our expectations. It is interesting to note that test management is not the only activity. Rather, it consists of further sub-activities.

The two main parts of the test management process are listed below:



The first step is further divided into the following steps:

Risk Analysis

Test estimation

The Test planning

Organization of the test

While the execution phase is divided into the following categories:

Test monitoring and control

Issue management

Test report and evaluation

Let’s take a look at the importance of test management tools and automated testing for file uploaders.

Why Is It Necessary To Perform Test Management And Automation For File Uploaders? 

As mentioned earlier, test management and automation make the file uploaders error-free, so it is necessary to perform them. Moreover, we can measure the quality of our file uploaders and track their progress through test results.

Most people confuse test management with just finding bugs and fixing them. However, it also helps us to audit execution, outcomes, and test coverage. We ensure the traceability software testing process through the test management tools. We can also track tests and review the progress as we maintain, run, and create automated tests.

There are many file uploaders out there in the market. But let’s take a look at Filestack.


Filestack file uploader ensures high-quality file-uploading solutions for our web applications. The best part is that we can get user-generated content from anywhere and improve its quality as well. Filestack API is not only powerful but very easy to use. It helps us to transform, convert, and optimize our content.

However, it also requires integration with test management tools like TestRail and Jira test management tool. Since the users want fast uploading and better quality uploaded content, a test management solution can help us to achieve it. The best solution is the integration of TestRail and Jira with Filestack. Let’s take a look at them.

What Are The Most Reliable Test Management Tools?


TestRail - test management tools

TestRail is considered a standard in the test management process. We get access to the streamlined testing processes through TestRail. As a result, it helps us to get high-quality file uploaders.

Several companies across the globe trust TestRail for their software testing. Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are some examples of those companies. Moreover, we can track the real-time progress of our tests. There is also an option to increase test coverage and traceability.

Jira Test Management Tool

As a matter of fact, most people use Jira test management tool as a project management software. But the fact is that we can also use it as a software testing tool. It might not be a dedicated testing solution, but it is a platform that manages workflows, users, and projects consistently and logically. Jira test management tool is a very cost-effective testing solution. Moreover, it is a workflow-powered tool.

With top traceability, Jira promotes greater integration of processes. Let’s check how we can integrate the Jira test management tool with Filestack and TestRail.

How to Integrate Filestack with TestRail and Jira Test Management Tool?

Jira is one of the most popular issues and project tracking tools. And It is mostly integrated with TestRail. The prerequisites for this process are:

Jira Cloud: <yourhostname>

Jira Server: This one is unique for each installation. In this case, you must use the base URL up to the .net, .com, or other TLD of Jira local installation.

While the second requirement is login credentials for Jira, it must have access to create and view new issues in Jira. It is important to note that integrations require different Jira credentials than team users’ credentials. Jira server users have to log in with traditional details, while Jira cloud users must log in with the email address associated with Atlassian.

We also need an API token that we can generate from Atlassian.

jira test management tools showing test progress for test data in jira issues

We can see the API token generation screen below:

testing efforts in test case management tool to manage tests for exploratory testing

Once we have the prerequisites ready, we have to log in to TestRail. Once we are on the dashboard page, we must navigate to ADMINISTRATION>Integrations. There we have to click on configure the integration.

manage test cases and testing cycles to execute tests

We will get a form like the one in the image below. Just fill in the necessary details and click on enable Jira integration.

test executions in software development life cycle of jira data center

Now, we can see that everything is filled out in the integration settings.

test suites and testing tools in test management for jira

These settings should match the defects and the references tabs. Click on save settings at the bottom before leaving this page. And the integration is complete. Now, we can check our test cases easily.

After the TestRail-Jira Integration, we can add test cases for Filestack in TestRail and run tests. This is how we can integrate them all and ensure a high-quality file uploader.

Final Thoughts

File uploaders are becoming popular since we generate several images, videos, and files daily. Therefore, we also look for platforms that ensure highly useful file uploading. So, what we do is we use Filestack with tools like TestRail and Jira.


Is Jira a Test Management Tool?

Jira is a project management tool as well as a test management technology.

Is Jira Test Management Tool Free?

Yes. It is the most cost-effective option.

Why Is Jira Used in Testing?

It can add a large variety of add-ons, so this tool is useful for testing data.

Can We Execute Test Cases in Jira?

Yes. But you can execute those test cases only as a part of the particular test plans.

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