October releases + community updates

We have been busy this October talking to users and writing code. So we took a step back and decided to consolidate all the resources & tools that we released. These may help you integrate with faster. Shoot us a note at contact at if you have questions or comments.

Also, we wanted to share with you some awesome wrappers and extensions for that the community built. Special thanks to Travis Glines, John Mertic, François Stephany, Adam Burmister, Ken Erickson.

And if you in a part of the world that celebrates Halloween…Happy Halloween from all of us at!

Releases and updates

—Launched new Javascript APIs for full read/write/convert files & urls in Javascript. It’s the File API that’s been missing from Javascript:

—Simplified pricing & added more features in the free plan:

—Added policy based security to protect your data:

—Launched Ruby on Rails, Django, CakePHP, Phonegap libraries:

—Added new services such as WebDAV, FTP, Picasa, Alfresco to increase the storage integration count to 17 platforms:

—Community resources:

CLI tool to get a public link for any file by Umas:

Node.js library by Travis Glines:

Sugar forge plug in by John Mertic:

Seaside wrapper by François Stephany:

A ruby wrapper by Adam Burmister:

Padrino gem by Ken Erickson:

—Onboarded 6500 developers on the platform and integrated with cool customers like Vidcaster & Jotform

—Advocated support for the HTML5 applications:

That’s it folks!
-Anand Dass

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