Filepicker+Opentok=video apps that save to the user’s cloud’s goal is to connect the user’s files, photos and videos to the applications that need them. Recently we have seen an increased demand from our customers for additional video functionality. So we partnered with Tokbox’s Opentok API to make that happen quickly.

Introducing Opentok: A Cloud-Based Video API

Opentok is a flexible cloud-based API that makes it easy to add face-to-face video to your application without having to worry about infrastructure, scale, or the latest face-to-face video technology.

The Power of Opentok+Filepicker

With Opentok+Filepicker you can record video using the Opentok API and export the content from Tokbox to multiple storage/publishing platforms with the Filepicker APIs. As an example, Song from Opentok built this demo app-OpenTok Picker

Demonstrating Capabilities with OpenTok Picker

Go to OpenTok Picker, click on the big ‘Record’ button to record videos, and then click on the big ‘Download’ to store the recorded archive to your computer or any of your cloud services directly.

The entire source code for the app is available on Github for developers to use and learn.

If you liked it, let Song at Opentok know how awesome he is.

Some of the use cases that we thought about are recording educational videos and publishing them to YouTube or recording a birthday video, saving it to your Dropbox account or hard drive for editing and post processing.

What interesting app are you going to build?

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