Filepicker upgraded to OpenTok 2.0

Here at Filepicker, we like to focus on what we do best, and find other providers to help us with areas that aren’t our #1 priority.

This philosophy is core to Filepicker, as we want to power uploads. If you have an app that needs file uploads, we want to be there for you – and we want to be the best at it. That gives you more time to focus on what you do best!

We use libraries from the community such as Square open source in our Android Library, Transifex for our language translations and tokbox to help with our video recording uploads from the browser.

Recently, tokbox announced that they would be discontinuing support for their 1.0 platform, which we were still using. In December we quietly upgraded our systems, without downtime, to support OpenTok 2.0. When you go record a video or photo with the Filepicker dialog, whether on your mobile device or laptop, OpenTok is behind that!

What is tokbox / OpenTok?

OpenTok is a platform developed to add video, audio and more to the web and mobile apps in a very simple fashion, to most platforms and devices. OpenTok is powered by WebRTC, an open source project backed by W3C and many large and small companies alike. Its mission is to power Real Time Communications (RTC) in the browser, without having to download plugins.

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