Filestack adds Imgur to list of cloud sources

As Imgur continues to take over the image-sharing market, they have chosen Filestack to help them achieve ultimate success.

Imgur – the “simple image sharer” – is now available on the ever-expanding Filestack File Uploads Dialog, enabling end-users to upload their files to any app that integrates with Filestack.

Imgur has been enjoying rapid growth in recent months, and thanks to a wrath of a new initiatives, their user numbers are expected to boost even further. At the moment, 150 million unique visitors flock to the platform monthly, while over 60 billion images are viewed on Imgur per month.

To tap into mobile communities, Imgur recently relaunched its iOS mobile app, with plans to roll out a new Android version soon.

Supporting third-party apps is also a core part of Imgur’s business, and hence why they are using Filestack to help facilitate developers build beautiful, interactive and user-friendly apps.

If you have any questions regarding the Imgur/Filestack integration, please contact us:

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