Filestack at Commercial UAV Expo – Las Vegas 2017

Meet Filestack at Commercial UAV Expo

Next week in beautiful Las Vegas, the Filestack team will be in attendance at Commercial UAV Expo 2017.  This has been a banner year for Filestack and drone service providers, as the fit between problem and solution has never been clearer.  Drone service providers are collecting incredible amounts of images and videos from pilots all over the world.  The problem is what to do with the files once they are ready to be ingested to data platforms for analysis. Filestack has found the solution.

Filestack’s Content Ingestion Network solves this problem by providing a robust File Uploading API, supercharged by Intelligent Ingestion.  Dynamic chunking of files no matter what the size, network conditions, or device type lets you rest easy that your users’ files will be uploaded without fail.  To ease the integration of Filestack, we offer an out-of-the box Filepicker UI that can be embedded directly into your application with three lines of code.  You can use this UI as-in, customize it via CSS, or you can build a custom UI that sits atop our REST APIs, the choice is yours.

In addition to world-class ingestion, Filestack is uniquely positioned to help you with your data intelligence needs.  Need object or landmark detection in your images?  Need to extract text from flight logs programmatically?  Filestack has you covered.  

Our goal at Commercial UAV Expo is to meet more drone service providers that recognize cloud integrations, upload code, and infrastructure maintenance is not core to their business.  Don’t spend time on an already solved problem.  Integrate with Filestack for data ingestion, and get back to building amazing software that sets you apart from the competition.  

For more information on how we serve the drone service provider industry, check out our Use Cases page for Drones.  

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