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The point of presence (POP) network of your CDN determines how professionally your content gets delivered to your audience. The more that your business expands, the more important it is to have a network that performs to the level you need. As digital as we may be, physical proximity is still a huge part of performance. Optimizing your CDN via precise POP placement empowers your end clients.

Don’t get caught behind the eight ball of performance. Take a look at how a CDN can improve the way that you do business.

Why do I need a CDN?

As the world of business becomes more globalized, having digital proximity to customers becomes a more important topic. Companies begin to lose customers if a website has more than a four second load time. Part of this load time is attributable to content and optimization. A larger part of it is attributable to the physical proximity of the servers bringing the information to the end user.

The CDN, or content delivery network, is the system of servers that bring information to end clients. These servers are strategically placed in safe but convenient locations to ensure data is moved appropriately and quickly to its intended location. The concept of caching is tied in closely with data fulfillment. If information can be quickly delivered to a source, it is more valuable information. Consider the financial industry, where nanoseconds make the difference between a successful and a stagnant securities investment.

Why do you need a CDN? Your content gets to your end user more quickly than your competition can deliver. Your prospects move more smoothly through your  sales funnel because you don’t have 25% of them dropping out because of lag. You also gain more control over your multimedia inputs, which require more backend magic than you know.

What Filestack Does for Your Business

If your business emphasizes data fulfillment, then you need a company that ensures delivery of this data every time it is called on. Bottom line, this is what we can guarantee: Whatever you send to us, we send to your target audience in a timely fashion.

With Filestack, you have the ability to normalize your images as soon as you upload them. You can also modify them in important ways – resizing, bordering, sharpening – to fit your public facing theme while losing none of your speed in delivering content. You can move office documents around like paper regardless of their convenience factor, and without the use of any third party plugins, downloads or software.

Perhaps most importantly, you can indulge in the new gold rush of video. Video content is obviously the most popular type of content on the Internet. However, the companies who will succeed using it are the companies that get the content to their audiences in a timely fashion.

Filestack CDN for E-commerce

Modern e-commerce platforms must respond to an increasingly shrinking world. Regardless of location, people demand delivery of content and fulfillment of service when they order things online. The right CDN assures the customer a pleasant experience. This is much easier to deliver when the server bringing the content to the user is within a certain physical proximity of the user. It also helps sales – after four seconds of load time, engagement on any website drops by 25 percent.

Filestack CDN for Print

If you are in the print business, then speed is your friend. Your clients are usually looking for updates and rewrites at the last minute. You need content delivery in real time, especially when the deadlines begin to show themselves. A CDN helps you deliver to clients across the globe as they ask for it. You can also stay online with a client and engage in back and forth dialogue with multimedia file sharing that would normally be impossible with a traditional server infrastructure. Depending on how in depth your client wants to get, multimedia can become quite a burden on a traditional server structure. Add latency to this, and you have a business that will not last long. CDN structure will save you a great deal of hassle in these situations.

Filestack CDN for EdTech

More and more people are taking advantage of the Internet to educate themselves at home. No matter what aspect of EdTech you service, you need proximity. The students of the future will not travel to the best educational institutions. Those institutions will travel to them. If you are serving curriculum, that curriculum needs to get to every student at the same time. If you are delivering testing, the timing of your content delivery helps to keep the curve fair. Educators may also count on you to deliver their content as well, and you definitely need a CDN for EdTech if you are hoping to break into the burgeoning university service market. As the digital superhighway heats up with new competition, your proximity to your clients will become even more important over time.

Filestack and Fastly

Fastly is one of the most secure and speedy networks for content delivery on the planet. Partnering with Fastly ensures that every Filestack client has the ability to get content where it needs to be – as fast as it can go.

Fastly ensures that the video content you spent so much money on producing gets through to your audience with the same priority. We generate a CDN URL that gets you priority through our transformation engine, our proprietary File Picker or RESTful API. Your documents fly. Your pictures move regardless of how many modifications you have made. In short, we back your production with the distribution that matches your passion for success.

Fastly's CDN used by Filestack
Accurate as of 7-2017, Provided by Fastly


Using a Filestack CDN connects you with every major market in a prioritized way. You get to clients in Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Dallas, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Osaka, Tokyo, Auckland and Sydney as if you were sitting in the room beside them.

Call or email us for a more detailed explanation of our services. You may also visit our website for a firsthand look at the portfolio of companies we have already served. Regardless of how small or large your business may be, your data comes first. How? Because we have created a system that puts all of our clients first. When you do business with us, you connect to leading edge technology and customer service agents who believe in what they do.

Schedule a call with us today to try our CDN first hand and change the way you do business with Filestack.

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