Filestack OCR and Workflows: A Content Journey

Integrate Optical Character Recognition into any content workflow through Filestack OCR and Workflows. By leveraging Filestack, OCR functionality can be introduced directly into your content pipeline, making it easier for your organization to focus on its other operations.

It’s Easy to Add OCR to Any Content Pipeline

Filestack Workflows makes it trivial to create a complete end-to-end content pipeline for any application. Through Filestack Workflows, you can use logical processing to analyze, modify, and convert documents and files. Within the content pipeline, you can introduce Filestack OCR to automatically recognize and analyze text. Text analysis can work hand-in-hand with other functions such as scaling, improving contrast, cropping, and rotating.

Your Personalized Content Journey

Through the logical processing of Filestack Workflows, you can use a number of variables to determine how your content is processed. With simple “If/then” statements and an intuitive, visual Workflow process, it becomes easy to create even complex content pipelines. Content pipelines, including OCR, can then be hooked directly into your application — and ordered based on priority, so you always get the results you desire.

The Advantages of Filestack OCR and Workflows

Rather than having to integrate an OCR API directly into your application, you can instead rely upon the easy-to-use features of Filestack Workflows to add all of your content processing at once. Managing all of your content pipeline through a single API reduces the maintenance and administrative time required, while also improving the reliability and scalability of the solution.

Filestack Workflows and Filestack OCR make optical character recognition a breeze. If you can draw out your content pipeline, you can get it uploaded to Filestack Workflows in a matter of minutes. State-of-the-art optical character recognition and image processing combine to make a complete, all-in-one solution.

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