Create Your Own Google Drive OAuth Application

Create Your Own Google Drive OAuth Application

Do you plan to allow your customers to sign in to their account on your website through Google Drive? Do you want a streamlined process that makes it easy for your customers? Do you want to start using Google Drive as part of your business? A simple solution is setting up OAuth for Google Drive.

What is OAuth?

OAuth refers to the rules you set for people to sign in to your website. It is also called an authorization protocol. When you plan to use OAuth for Google Drive, you need to ensure that you have the right protocol. By setting up the protocol, or rules, you allow your customers to sign into their Google Drive account and access data, products or an account on your website.

The process has two primary benefits: it verifies the individual and it simplifies your company practices. You do not waste your time trying to authorize and approve each individual when they sign in. You also protect your customer’s data. Since they are signing in through Google Drive, your business does not have access to their personal information. It allows the customer to feel confident about your company and your privacy policies.

After you set up OAuth, your customers are able to sign in and access information or products. By configuring the OAuth to send an application to your customers, you simplify the process and help your customers interact with your business.

Setting up OAuth

It is not difficult to set up OAuth when you use Filestack’s tutorial. The tutorial gives you a step-by-step process to set up your Google Drive OAuth. The process simplifies your interactions with customers.

Keep in mind that if you plan to set up a custom CNAME, you must set up the OAuth beforehand. If your OAuth is not yet set up, then your customers will not be able to access Google Drive.

Give It Time

Do not expect the OAuth to go through after only a few hours. Google must approve the OAuth, so it can take a few days. Expect it to take up to 5 days for approval from Google. Plan in advance to avoid any complications when you are setting up your Google Drive OAuth.

Benefits of Setting up OAuth

The advantages of setting up OAuth for Google Drive depend on your goals. The main benefit is the safety of your client’s data. Since you are not directly involved in gathering their information and they sign in through Google Drive, you protect your customer’s privacy. That gives them confidence to work with your company.

The secondary benefit of OAuth is the simplicity. It saves your times and makes things easier for your clients. It sends your clients an application from your company automatically. When they are ready to sign in, they have access to the application. You can set it up with Filestack’s company application or you can configure the OAuth to send your company’s application. That helps streamline your process and makes it easier for your customers.

The final advantage of the process is the verification of your customer’s data. You will not need to verify their identity in person. Instead, the process is automated and you can move forward with your plans for your company.

OAuth offers key advantages that make things easier for your business. When you want to set up OAuth for Google Drive, Filestack offers a step-by-step tutorial to help with the process. The guide gives you clear instructions that will allow you to move forward with your plans for your business. The key is having patience to wait for approval and following through with each step.

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