Increase Global Upload Speed and Reliability with Filestack

Increase Global Upload Speed and Reliability with Filestack

What are your biggest challenges as an app developer? Chances are, you have creativity covered–after all, you wouldn’t be as successful as you are without your great ideas and amazing implementation. However, there are always technical issues that stand in the way of you accomplishing everything you want to get done. In fact, something as small and seemingly simple as global upload speed can be one of the biggest challenges that face an app developer today.

With certain apps, you may need to “ingest” uploads from a global audience, be this for a contest, promotion or game. Dealing with issues surrounding this can hog your bandwidth and take up hours and hours of your time, keeping you from the more important and much more fun parts of your job. So, how can you increase your upload speed and do away with this seemingly unbearable inconvenience?

Where is Upload Speed Lost?

When it comes to uploads, speed isn’t as simple to calculate as it is when you’re calculating your running speed or how fast your car reaches 60. The reality is that speed is lost in two different areas. One in ten standard uploads fail. When this happens, the person on the other end may become frustrated and stop trying. Speed is also lost during the upload itself when conditions are simply not ideal for uploading.

There are any number of upload options available to help clients obtain information, or even uploads, from one source or another. However, when it comes down to it, Filestack is the optimal choice. We have a platform built exclusively for better uploads–our Content Ingestion Network.  Realize, most platforms are built to make downloads faster and more efficient–not uploads. Filestack is different. Our network is more reliable, even on mobile and it is designed to take in these uploads, “ingest them” and deliver them to you in a convenient package.

Filestack Increases Your Upload Speed

Wherever you are, we are there. Our development team has invested heavily in worldwide presence. We have network technology to facilitate fast and reliable uploads. Because of “Intelligent Ingestion™” we are able to quickly respond to even the smallest changes in network conditions. This allows us to guarantee success in uploads 99.99% of the time.

Finally, even while the file is being uploaded, Filestack is already executing highly complex file transformations. Essentially, we are one step ahead of the game, working on the next part of the process, before the upload is even complete. With Filestack, you’ll see an almost immediate jump in upload speed, and when it is coupled with the time saved because of increased success rate, you have a big win.

Faster, Yet More Consistent

Filestack doesn’t just make upload speed faster, but make your uploads suffer by introducing errors and failures. No, actually you will find the exact opposite is often the case. We are able to offer uploads that are not only over three times faster (compare a standard 100MB file taking 22 seconds to upload normally with it taking 6 seconds to upload with Filestack), but also up to 100 times more reliable. In fact, when compared with other top uploading tools, only Filestack could handle the unreliable networks with ease.

If you’d like more information about easy, fast upload ingestion with Filestack, sign up for free, or let us show you what it can do for your growing business. Filestack can help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible while making slow uploads a thing of the past.

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