Introducing Filestack Workflows: Managing Digital Assets at Scale Made Easy

We started out as a tool for developers created by developers. Thousands of you have embraced our toolset for over 6 years as the go-to service that wipes away the pain and struggles of expensive and time-intensive tasks.

We’re thrilled to announce the next step in the evolution of our swiss army knife of developer tools – Filestack Workflows – to empower even more businesses to upload, moderate, transform and understand content at scale –  freeing you up to innovate more and manage less.

As the amount of content (photos, documents, audio, and videos) increases every year at such a rapid growth rate, a platform like Workflows is the only scalable solution to the Big Content Problem discussed previously.

A craftsman’s tools evolve over time, from a single screwdriver to a toolbox and then on to the fully-loaded workshop. This evolution allows them to go from fixing a door to being able to build an entire house. Workflows is the fully-loaded developer’s workshop that will help your team build something great while keeping costs down. We specifically developed Workflows to provide flexibility for integration either from our robust API, or from a simple user Interface.

The crown jewel of the Workflows platform is the logic-driven intelligence functionality. The UI is a dream tool for team members with less technical knowledge. With a few clicks, anyone inside of an organization can have a fully functioning content curation process active within minutes.

Workflows also has several new features that extend far beyond simple image transformation:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows users to abstract text from any given image. Images of everything from tax documents to street signs can be uploaded through our system, returning a raw text format of all characters in that image, allowing it to be used by your team in new ways.
  • Not Safe for Work (NSFW) Detection for filtering out content that is not appropriate for the workplace
  • Copyright Detection to determine if a file is an original work.

These features are extremely powerful in unlocking the ability to detect, analyze, moderate and curate content in scalable and automated ways – fit for developers and non-developers alike.

Developers create amazing solutions to complex problems. It goes without saying that every software organization can relate to the constant desire to have more of a developer’s time. That’s why technical leaders are on an endless quest to find solutions and tools to scale their development efforts.

We’ve built one.

Before Workflows existed, developers were required to manually execute tasks on a file. Now, thanks to logic-driven multi-task orchestration, this problem is solved.

Access to Workflows is currently available to all of our offered plans (Grow, Scale and Pro), through the end of the year. Discuss your specific use case with us and take a look at how Workflows can change the way you do business with a free trial today!

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