The Secret to Blazing Fast File Uploads With JavaScript File Uploader

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File uploaders have become an essential part to include in business web apps. Moreover, we can see that every application being developed these days comes with a file uploader. But we did not notice one important thing: JavaScript file upload. Developers prefer to produce file uploaders by using JavaScript. There are multiple reasons behind it.

JavaScript file upload solution is easy to implement in our application. Moreover, it also gives us higher speed deliverability of files. According to the experts, a JavaScript library makes it easy to upload anything we throw at it. JavaScript file uploaders can give us a silky smooth user experience. Let’s check out the secret to blazing-fast file uploads with JavaScript.

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What Are the Basics of File Uploading?

Accepting and managing a user’s computer files refers to file uploading. These files can be in the form of videos, images, PDFs, and other documents. Many websites require different types of files that they get from users through a file uploader. The files that a user uploads on websites are known as user-generated content (UGC).

Some examples of UGC are homework assignments on Coursera, Portfolios or CVs on Indeed and product photos on eBay or OLX. When a user clicks on a file uploader, it gives him a dialog box that allows the user to submit, attach, or choose files. Let’s check out some Must-Haves for a reliable file uploader.

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What Are Some Must-Haves for File Uploading?

At first, it may feel like there is nothing complicated with developing a blazing-fast file uploader with JavaScript. However, building a secure, fast, reliable, and user-friendly JavaScript file uploader takes effort and strong features. Here are Must-Have features for a fast JavaScript file uploader.

Drag & Drop

Before proceeding further, we must know the fact that drag and drop is no longer an advanced feature. The reason is that users are already expecting this feature when they open a file uploader. Drag and drop allows the users to save time by just dragging files from a particular location and drop into the file uploader.

Uploading Files From Different Sources

Users can upload their files from their devices. However, to save time and make the process more convenient, a JavaScript file uploader must allow file uploading from different sources.

A few examples are the integration of Social Media, Cloud storage, URL upload, Flicker, and Huddle. Not every application may need these options, but adding them can make a website more user-friendly.

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Safe File Upload

User-generated content may also put your website at risk. Therefore, a reliable JavaScript file uploader comes with virus scanning of files. We can also see this feature in Filestack File uploader to ensure safe file input. We must also set a maximum or minimum size of the file when a user tries to upload one.

Image Editing

A fast JavaScript file uploader also allows the user to edit their images. Hence, the users don’t have to visit more platforms for editing and then upload to our website.

One example of a file uploader with image editing experience is Filestack. It gives us basic editing options such as cropping, rotating, etc. Inbrowser image editing can save a lot of time and ensure faster file uploads.

An Intuitive & Handy UI

An intuitive and handy user interface also helps us with faster file uploads. For example, a preview feature must allow the users to preview files before they upload them. Moreover, there must be an option to upload multiple files across all devices or browsers.

Our file uploader should allow chunking large files that will ensure faster file uploads regardless of the size.

What Is The Importance Of File Uploaders For JavaScript Apps?

File uploads help us to increase the productivity of our JavaScript web pages. For example, these file uploaders are important in content management systems. Apart from them, multiple messaging applications, insurance sites, healthcare portals, etc., also require a file uploader.

Let’s suppose an organization is working with the help of a JavaScript app. If someday the organization decides to shift to an online environment, it will need a file uploader. Otherwise, the management will find it difficult to get and manage the employee’s files.

Note that using a CDN with our JavaScript file uploader speeds up the file uploads.

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What Are Some Tips to Optimize Deliverability of File Upload?

We must know the fact that most users want to deliver their files at an optimized speed. Therefore, we must know the factors that can help us optimize file upload deliverability. Moreover, the higher the optimization of deliverability, the better the user experience. Some of the tips to enhance the deliverability of file upload are listed below:

  • We must allow multipart uploads that will divide our files into smaller chunks.
  • It must have the ability to compress the files. The smaller the size of the files, the faster the upload.
  • We must limit the size of files that the user tries to upload.
  • According to experts, using a CDN is the best way to optimize the deliverability of file upload.

Can We Implement Filestack as the Best File Uploader With Blazing Fast Uploading?

We always want to work through a file uploader that is fast, secure, and reliable. The reason is that no one wants to spend most of their time uploading files in an application. Therefore, Filestack can be the best solution to implement in our JavaScript files uploading application.

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What Is a Javascript File?

It is a file with plain text containing JavaScript code.

How Do I Open a .JS File?

We can open it through code editors such as Visual Studio Code.

What Is the Javascript File Type?

It comes with an extension .js.

How to Write a Javascript File?

We need to have a web browser, an HTML editor, or a text editor.

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