Kajabi and Filestack: A Case Study

kajabi and filestack: a case study


Founded in 2010, Kajabi has empowered coaches, teachers and entrepreneurs to effectively share their expertise. The Kajabi team calls their space “knowledge commerce”, meaning they facilitate the exchange of knowledge between experts and eager learners.

The idea for Kajabi actually came about in 2009 when Kenny Rueter, current CEO and co-founder, and other co founders began working on a children’s water toy called The Crazy Spray. Naturally, the team wanted an online presence for parents to choose and customize their Crazy Sprays. However, once the team began this process, they soon found out it was going to be a much more difficult task than expected. Even though Rueter and the team knew enough HTML and CSS to get the job done, as Jeremy Saenz, VP of Product puts it, “It was still a pain in the butt”. Knowing there had to be a better way, Rueter and the team decided to build it themselves. Instead of focusing on building and maintaining a website, entrepreneurs now hand the heavy lifting to Kajabi.


Kajabi's page builder tool
Page building made easy with Kajabi


Since this time, Kajabi has even expanded how they help create an effective online presence for small businesses with limited resources. Kajabi’s platform now offers a built in CRM, automated email marketing and funnel building.


Kajabi promo offer pipeline
Automatically synchronize offers across email and your site with Kajabi


Simply put, if there’s an aspect of a business that takes time away from focusing on the core product, Kajabi either has or will have that taken care of soon. Saenz pointed out the team knows they’re accomplishing this when the hashtag #KajabiPurist comes across their feed.

Kajabi and Filestack

Since becoming a Filestack customer in 2015, Kajabi has uploaded close to 1 million files monthly. From a broad perspective, Kajabi chose Filestack to handle everything uploads, “It (Filestack) has been huge in lifting that headache off of us”. Saenz was part of the original developer team responsible for integrating Filestack into Kajabi, and this was primarily to take the issues of video uploading and ingestion off of their hands. Looking past the technical checklist, the engineering team’s top priority was creating an effective and clean interface for their users “We wanted a solution that was robust, consistent and worked fast” noted Saenz.

To accomplish this, Kajabi needed to ingest content from a global customer base while offering more options beyond uploading from a desktop. With Filestack’s Google Drive and Dropbox integrations, the Kajabi team found what they were looking for. “The integration has been nice for a lot of customers. They already have a lot of their videos on Google Drive and Dropbox, so it goes much faster from data center to data center instead of going from someone’s computer to a data center”.

With Kajabi’s file ingestion handled by Filestack, it has allowed them to purely focus on the customer experience. Instead of wondering if their users will be able to upload their videos, Kajabi’s developer team can devote serious hours to helping their customers maximize their reach.

Moving Forward

Filestack works with several Ed Tech and E-Commerce customers, and Kajabi brings both industries under one roof. We’ve been honored to help Kajabi empower smart and talented entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to help Knowledge Commerce become a household term.

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