Our love for Android is just starting

We are very excited to announce our first android app!

Last week we announced a big update to our Android library which we had been working on for quite some time.

We boasted that it is really easy to implement in your own Android App, and to prove it, we did just that.

You can now go download Filepicker for your Android device, on the Google Play store.

The app is very simple, giving an example of the user experience for your app. You can upload a new file, either from your device, or any of our integration partners.

Once a new file is uploaded, one can view the file, or the info about the file. Then, just like any file explorer, you can move the file around. Here’s a list of all the features:

  • Add files from your cloud services
  • Export files to other cloud services
  • Manage folder tree structure of your files and move files between folders
  • Check file metadata
  • Share files with other apps

We’ve built the app with inspiration from Google’s new material design. This was a fun project built by Maciej, and Marcin.

We’re big fans of Android, and Google’s design direction. If you are too perhaps you’ll like All About Android! If you’re interested in a new Android phone, perhaps you should find out which one is best for you.




For a full recap of the app and to install it in your Android project, visit our GitHub repository.

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