Why OCR for IDs?

ocr for ids

Growing and developing as a business requires accurate records and data management. Identification, or an ID, is essential for your employees, your clients and any individual working with your company. When you find it tedious and time consuming to manually enter and save information from an individual’s ID, you want to take measures to cut back on the time you waste.

How to Make a Difference

Filestack’s OCR technology for identification offers a solution for your growing business. It helps you cut back on the time you waste manually entering data from the ID into your computer system. It also ensures that you have accurate information.

The way the technology works is simple. Optical character recognition by Filestack digitizes the text on an ID. That means you will not enter the information by hand. It gives you accurate data and reduces the risk of human errors when entering information. You receive an easy-to-organize result. You can then save the information in an appropriate file.

The advantage of using OCR by Filestack for your growing business is the time you save. You will not waste time looking at the ID, entering the data by hand and then double-checking that you have the right information. You just take an image of the ID or scan the ID into your computer. Filestack digitizes the information and gives you a result. If you need the data for important documents or a client’s records, then you have the information available to address any concerns.

Identification is an essential part of building up your business. You may need a client’s ID or your employee’s ID for legal documents, specific records or even just to verify their information. By using OCR by Filestack, you can keep track of the information without wasting your time. Try our free trial to learn more about OCR for IDs.

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