One Hour Translation Reduced Its File Upload Support Calls To Zero Thanks To Filepicker


One Hour Translation


Human translation

Use Case

No customer complaints about file uploads after integrating Filepicker

Why Filepicker

Allows for file uploads above 30 megabytes, one-stop upload shop


  • Filepicker is the most documented upload service out there
  • Sophisticated uploads to S3 buckets requires a real upload business
  • Eliminates support calls, developer time on uploads

About One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation provides high-quality professional human translation in over 75 languages. Not only is One Hour Translation the world’s largest online translation company, but they’re also the fastest professional translation service in the world.

Once a translator starts working on a translation, a countdown timer shows when the translation is going to be ready. They provide translation to thousands of customers from SMBs to enterprise and Fortune 500 companies. One Hour Translation has 15,000 translators from over 100 countries that provide translation around the clock.

Everything is done online. The service specializes in all levels of business, such as marketing, legal, technical, websites, applications, and software—basically every translation that a business needs. In addition, they also have some technologies like a website localization solution (WeST) and a localization solution for mobile applications (Lingui).


Filepicker Fits One Hour Translation Like A Glove And Hand

One Hour Translation had been doing file uploads ever since the company was established. They had issues with file load consistency and speed for users uploading large files over 30, 40 or 50 megabytes, and they wanted to solve that.

“Basically, I started looking for an upload solution like Filepicker,” explains Oren Yagev, CTO and Co-Founder of One Hour Translation. “I searched Google at the beginning like everybody else, and gave the results to my team to research.”

One Hour Translation was looking at Filepicker and one other company. Filepicker came out on top, because it’s the most documented.

“Filepicker just worked. It suits us perfectly. On the JavaScript side, Filepicker fits our application. The fact that you deliver the file instantly to our S3 bucket was also something that we really needed. That was like a glove and hand.”

A One-Stop-Shop For All File Upload Needs

One Hour Translation had a lot of customers asking for reliable local file uploads. Some customers had large files they needed to upload, which was a problem for the company.

“We had a limit of 30 megabytes and had issues because of that,” explains Oren Yagev. “Now with Filepicker, we don’t have this limit and customers can upload larger files. Simple as that.”

With larger uploads came the ability to upload files from a number of different sources. According to Oren Yagev, “Another issue we had is uploads from customers who had files in FTP servers, Dropbox, and other services that they wanted to upload but couldn’t. We found this element of Filepicker to be a very nice addition to file uploads from what we had before. For us, Filepicker is a one-stop-shop for all our upload needs.”


From Constant Customer Complaints To No Customer Complaints

On a weekly basis, One Hour Translation had either customers complaining of problems with uploads, or seeking support for making uploads. The company was always working on issues with it.

“It was because we didn’t really want to deal with uploads,” says Oren Yagev. “File uploads seem easy, but it’s not. We didn’t want to be an upload company. We wanted to be a translation company. So, we had issues with uploads. We knew that someday, we’d have to shift to a more professional service.”

Filepicker saves One Hour Translation a lot of time for developers fixing issues, a lot of money spent on developers. Before the integration, they had many ongoing issues with file uploads and now they have none. With Filepicker, they’re now also able to offer their customers sophisticated uploads for bigger files and adjuncts, as well as an interactive UI.

“There’s no such thing as a simple upload. Uploading is a real business,” explains Oren Yagev. “It’s a real burden, and it was a burden on us. The biggest benefit for us was offloading the problem to Filepicker. Since we integrated with Filepicker, we don’t hear anything from our customers about uploads. Once I stopped hearing about upload issues, my life became easier. Uploading files is a big issue, and I’m happy to pay for it. Filepicker is awesome.”

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