Open Source vs Proprietary File Uploaders

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Nowadays, almost every application or web browser needs a file-uploading component. It is because the website has to deal with user-generated content. Having an efficient file uploader makes the file upload process more reliable. Moreover, users are also concerned about the safety of their data. A reliable and secure file uploader helps to achieve safe data uploading.

We must know that developers are taking the file upload process seriously. New applications are developed daily, and hence there exist various file uploaders as well.

But what’s the difference here? Well, file uploaders exist in two forms; open-source and proprietary file uploaders. This article will explain both types, their differences, and examples.

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Let’s begin our journey.

What Is An Open Source File Uploader?

An open-source file uploader gives multiple opportunities to users. For example, we can study, try, and distribute it to anyone. It is also important to note that an open-source file uploader is released under the license.

In other words, we can also say that an open-source file uploading component with public source code.

The interesting part of knowing this is that most developers choose open-source file uploaders. And the best part is that it saves us a lot of money.

According to a report by Standish Group in 2008, using open-source tools saves users $60 billion per year.

We can understand more about open-source file uploaders by checking a few examples. Let’s dig into the examples.

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What Are Some Examples Of Open Source File Uploaders?

Uppy, Uploader, File Uploader, jQuery file upload, and FilePond are good examples of open-source file uploaders. But still, they can’t take the place of propriety uploaders such as Filestack. This is because open source may not fulfill all of our needs. For example, issues like the inability to adjust file size and memory may come, delays and more time consumption, etc.

To avoid all these problems, choosing Filestack can be very beneficial.

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What Are The Issues With Open Source File Uploaders?

Some developers stick to the usage of open-source file uploaders. This is because they think that using proprietary file uploaders can bring complications. This concept causes the emergence of different issues. Some of those issues are:

Increased Consumption Of Content

There was a time when large organizations used to create content. Now, a single person can do it all from home. There are tons of content pieces available for customers on the internet. Moreover, companies want to get content any time of the day or night. Therefore, a fast content uploader is required. On the other hand, open-source uploaders lack fast uploading.

Increasing Mobile Use Growth

We know the fact that mobile phones are gaining huge popularity among people. Therefore, developers have made advancements to let users upload large-sized files using mobile phones. However, not every file uploader can help in uploading files through mobile devices.

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Increasing Freelance Workforce

The freelance workforce is increasing with time. Freelancers need to upload files on a daily basis for their clients. Therefore, a reliable file uploader is required that can manage files of any size.

Other than these issues, open-source file uploaders also give rise to issues given below:

  • Lack of built-in security.
  • Server Bandwidth is getting strained.

So how to deal with all these issues rising from open-source file uploaders? The answer is a proprietary file uploader. Let’s explore it.

What Is A Proprietary File Uploader?

A proprietary file uploader is distributed by a company other than the original developer company. May developers also prefer working with proprietary file uploaders. This is because the developers think proprietary file uploaders have better customizability. Let’s check out some most common examples of proprietary file uploaders.

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What Are Some Examples Of Proprietary File Uploaders?

Google Drive is the most commonly used platform these days. It gives us features like 15 G free storage. And the best part is that we can get a storage of 200 GB only at the cost of $30 per year. It helps to engage with our team members in real time. We can upload a file of 248 MBs in just 48 seconds. We can view files from any device as long as we have access.

Google drive gives download link for small and large files with file types

Dropbox is becoming another gold standard for uploading files and sharing them. It offers a cloud storage solution that keeps our files in one place. The simple and intuitive design of Dropbox has made it everyone’s favorite. The best part to know is that we can integrate with over 100,000 third-party apps through Dropbox.

Some More Examples:

ShareFile file uploading and sharing component are recently introduced into the market. In most cases, large enterprises that require large file uploading and sharing use ShareFile. It helps us to upload and share our files most safely and securely.

ShareFile is reliable when we want to upload highly sensitive information. It also allows integration with multiple third-party apps.

ShareFile upload API data storage download page for big files and desktop apps

The interesting to note is that OneDrive developers made it as an answer to the GoogleDrive. We can say that it is another secure and safe file uploading and storing service. It improves productivity and efficiency by providing the most reliable way to store and share files. It also gives us the ability to make offline edits to our files.

Finally, we have Amazon Drive, previously known as amazon cloud drive. It helps us to upload all multimedia, aka images, audio, and videos. We can access our uploaded files anywhere, anytime. The interesting part to know is that we get unlimited cloud storage with 5GB of video storage. Simply put, we get all the amazing services at very affordable prices.

Is Filestack An Open-source Or Proprietary File Uploader?

Filestack is a proprietary file uploader that overcomes all the problems in old file uploaders. For example, developers face problems like Strains on Server Bandwidth and a Lack of Built-In Security. Filestack reduces the development time by making the file uploading process simpler. We can integrate it into our web apps using two simple lines of code.

What’s more? It also offers a free plan that comes with amazing features. Hence, it is clear that Filestack is the best proprietary file uploader.

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Final Thoughts

Developers often debate on the topic to find the best file-uploading solution. The two most common matters of concern are cost and time. We mostly prefer file upload plugins that consume less time. We can purchase them at low costs. Whether we prefer an open-source or a proprietary file uploader, our choice should meet all our requirements.


What Is the Best File Uploader?

Filestack file uploader is the most reliable and fastest file uploader.

What Is a File Uploader?

A file uploader helps users to upload multiple files on a web app for multiple purposes.

How Can I Upload Files Online for Free?

We can do it by choosing a free plan at Filestack.

Where Can I Upload Unlimited Files for Free?

Google Drive allows us to upload unlimited files for free.

Sign Up for free to try the most reliable and fastest file uploader, Filestack.

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