How To Overcome The Challenges In File Uploading With The Best File Uploader And Agile Test Automation

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File uploaders have become an essential component for various web and mobile applications. We collect user data through file uploaders, but sometimes file uploaders’ integration fails. Developers face multiple challenges, and those challenges need to be resolved. Agile test automation tools are also helpful in ensuring the quality of software development.

We, as developers, know the importance of effective file-uploading integration. To ensure it, we must overcome the rising challenges. In this article, we will learn about those challenges and one of the best agile test automation tools to overcome those challenges. Let’s continue reading.

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What Challenges Do Developers Face When Integrating The File Upload Feature With Their Apps?

File uploading refers to the transmission of files from one computer to another via a particular network. Let’s explore some most common challenges in the integration of a file uploader.

Incorrect Filename

The incorrect or incompatible filename can result in file upload failure. For example, the presence of white spaces or special characters can cause failure.

Incorrect File Extension

Some servers don’t accept a particular file type. It can be found through the file extension as it determines the file type. For example, uploading executable files can cause a security breach, which is not allowed by the file uploader.

Hibernate Mode

When uploading large files, our computer may turn on hibernate mode. It can cause file uploading failure. The server stops receiving file data from the computer, and the connection is terminated.

Large File Uploads Issues

Most file uploaders are not able to upload large files, which can also affect our file-uploading experience. However, using a reliable file uploader such as Filestack may handle this issue.

Timeout Issues

Many file uploaders may also result in failure due to timeout issues. The minimum timeout can be 30 seconds. The problem mostly arises due to smaller bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

A weak wi-fi connection can also affect the file-uploading experience. This is also due to the smaller bandwidth offered by the Wi-Fi connection.

How To Overcome File Uploader Integration Challenges Using Filestack?

It is important to overcome above mentioned challenges to ensure high-quality file uploading. Filestack offers a reliable, fast, secure, and robust file uploader. We can easily access any file type through its fast and reliable services. Moreover, it also gives us the ability to connect with many online accounts since it can handle all types of integrations.

Filestack API can be called from any programming language that also supports HTTP requests. It allows large file uploads within a very short time duration, so there are no timeout issues. FileStack makes it easier to do cloud, multipart, and basic uploads.

Filestack works through the help of machine learning to perform, quick file transformation, file uploading, and scalable workflows.

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What Is Agile Test Automation?

It refers to test automation using agile methodologies. The purpose of agile automated tests is to ensure efficient and effective software development.

It also ensures the maintenance of time and quality throughout the process. Implementation of agile testing automation requires a lot of collaboration and coordination.

How Agile Test Automation Helps Developers With The Proper Test Cases?

We know that manual testing can be a painful option for developers. Therefore, we adopt agile test automation to ensure time efficiency in test quality and execution. Here are some reasons that agile test automation is helpful for developers with proper test cases:

It handles regression testing with fewer efforts.

Agile testing has extended test coverage.

It allows better collaboration and communication at each software development life cycle step.

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Before we jump into agile testing, let’s take a look at how we should start it.

We should be ready and get a plan before we start the implementation of agile methodologies. It involves the decision to choose the right frameworks and tools.

The developers should know which test cases to automate in agile projects. Regression tests are a must-have candidate to be automated.

We should conduct parallel testing as it saves a lot of time.

Developers should take advantage of DevOps integration, which is considered a must in agile methodologies.

Finally, it is important to choose the right automation testing tool. TestRail is a comprehensive solution for the management of such tests. Let’s explore it. 


TestRail completes the test automation process within a very less time duration. Moreover, it automates more of the teams’ test cases. TestRail also improves collaboration with the development team. Moreover, It tracks the test coverage and ensures higher efficiency. There is a reduction in bug production while automation of tests.

Simply put, we can manage our test cases using TestRail without any reliability and security issues.

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The TestRail tool can ensure highly effective automated tests for our file uploaders. Whether it be exploratory tests or security tests, TestRail makes it easy to implement file uploaders and test their performance. Moreover, We can also use it for the performance testing of our best file uploader, FileStack.

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What Is Agile Process Automation?

This process involves an upfront effort that fully defines the workflow before the beginning of development work.

Is Automation an Agile?

It is the heart of effective agile development.

What Is the Best File Uploader?

FileStact is the most reliable, secure, fast, and best File uploader.

How Can I Upload Files Online for Free?

FileStack helps in free file uploading through its free trial for limited days.

Sign up for free now to implement TestRail into your apps for perfect file uploader integration.

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