6 Reasons to use a Personal Cloud Storage

6 reasons to use a personal cloud storage

If you’re a business with an online presence, chances are you will need cloud storage for your assets. The next question that must be factored into your decision is what exactly you want to do with those assets. If you’re dealing with images, chances are you are looking at a service that forces you to use their internal storage. If you’re faced with this decision, there are many reasons to strongly consider working with a company that enables you to use your own personal cloud storage.

Having your own cloud storage system, (facilitated by Filestack for the best experience), means being able to upload, share and deliver documents in an instant with little startup time, energy and expense. However, saving time is just one of many key benefits to choosing your own cloud storage as opposed to subscribing to a shared cloud storage service.

6 Reasons to use a Personal Cloud Storage

1. Autonomy

One of the prime benefits of having your own cloud storage system is the autonomy it gives your company. With your own system, you have full control over your files, images and documents. It allows you to move files around, deliver them whenever you like and grant access to whomever you deem appropriate. You can also customize the system and set limits on what you allow to be uploaded and shared.

2. Lower migration costs

Since the fees for your own customized cloud storage system are based on monthly usage rather than the accumulated volume of uploaded files (that is common with shared cloud storage), you’ll likely spend less for your own cloud storage system. This way, your own cloud storage system can grow with you gradually, rather than requiring a large initial investment. In addition, such a system is less expensive per uploaded file than most other types of cloud storage.

3. Easy integration

Yet another benefit of choosing your own cloud storage system is how easy it is to upload files and deliver them, if needed, to customers, organizations and colleagues. You can even have files sent to your company’s app, where customers and viewers can upload them. Most cloud storage facilitators can even allow you to handle video uploads, an increasingly popular form of document delivery.

4. Savings on development costs

Every minute your developers spend on customizing a document delivery system for your images, videos and other files costs your company money. Plus, your staff will need to support these customized applications whenever new technology comes out or when users have questions or concerns. Having your own cloud storage reduces this need and allows your developers to concentrate on other projects.

5. Enhanced privacy

Shared cloud systems require documents to be hosted by third parties. When you have your own cloud storage system, you get rid of the security risk inherent in giving a third party access to your files.

6. 24/7 support

When you use your own cloud storage system, you aren’t left alone to support the system. The facilitating company provides 24/7 support both for your company and your users. This not only saves you on staffing, but insures that your company website is offering the kind of excellent customer service that you offer to your customers with your products and services.

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Getting started with your own cloud storage

Getting started with your own cloud storage system is easy. Integrating with Filestack extends this convenience to your users. Our upload widget allows  your users to upload straight from their Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or even a web image search. Once the widget is implemented, you can further customize it based on a variety of parameters, such as the sources, the maximum file size and the number of images. There’s also the option to include security protocols in every upload.

Choosing between having your own cloud storage system or subscribing to a shared system can seem confusing. However, opting for your own system can save you money on migration and development costs as well as give you the autonomy you need to best serve your customers and site users.

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