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In today’s technology-driven society, the ability to code is a high-value skill that opens up job opportunities and offers unique ways to make an impact on the world. If you’re interested in learning to code or helping your kids learn this vital skill, you may find the following resources helpful.

Code Academy

Code Academy is an online educational portal where people of all ages can learn various aspects of coding. Online courses include relatively novice topics like how to build your first website using HTML or CSS as well as advanced topics such as how to use JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and other programming languages. To begin, users simply have to sign up with the website, choose the module they’re interested in and begin the course.


Like Code Academy, Udacity is an online school that teaches people how to code. There are certain advantages to using this website.
  • Courses are created in conjunction with leaders in the tech industry.
  • Udacity offers “nanodegrees” in various aspects of technology, making graduates more hireable.
  • Some tech companies recruit interns using Udacity, allowing students to get their foot in the door of this competitive industry.

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse offers individualized educational plans to help students gain the exact coding skills they want and need.
  • Designed to help working adults gain needed skills for career advancement.
  • Over 100 hours of courses available.
  • Videos are an integral part of the curriculum, allowing visual learners to pick up coding easily.

W3 Schools

W3 Schools offers online tutorials in a variety of subjects related to coding. Users can click on the tutorial of their choice to learn more about HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, or other coding skills.


Coursera is an online educational portal that partners with top universities to bring the best of programming education to people in all stages of their coding careers.
  • Users can choose from over 400 courses.
  • Courses are offered through Coursera but are designed by well-known brick-and-mortar schools.
  • Users can create an individualized coding education that will allow them to get jobs after graduation.


Bento offers a curated list of free coding tutorials. It does the work of finding tutorials on various subjects for students so that they don’t have to rely on Google to find the information they need. Best of all, all of Bento’s resources are 100 percent free to users.

Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla, the company best known for creating the Firefox web browser, offers a wide variety of developer education tools through its developer network. Users can access tutorials as well as add-ons, applications, and other open source content for enhancing coded projects.

HTML5 Rocks

This website offers blog posts about using HTML5 as well as free tutorials on a variety of coding issues, allowing users to learn everything from web design to game development.

Mitch Resnick – Let’s Teach Kids to Code

This interactive TED Talk gives parents the lowdown on why and how to teach coding to kids so that they can become the programmers of the future.

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