No AI Developers? No Problem

No AI Developers? No problem! Implement Filestack OCR and stay ahead of the competition. Whether sifting through big data or providing customer-friendly tools, artificial intelligence is now at the forefront of business technology. Yet it’s not always feasible for an organization to invest the time into artificial development themselves. How can your organization use Filestack Capture to leverage the power of AI technology? With optical character recognition and AI-driven pattern matching, Filestack OCR gives you everything you need to get started now.

Don’t Waste Your Resources

It takes time and money to create a proprietary artificial intelligence tool on your own. And that’s just creating it. You also need to troubleshoot and maintain it — continuously updating it with new logic and ensuring that it remains well-integrated with your existing products. AI and data specialists are in high demand now, making them difficult and expensive to contract — and even if you do manage to do so, it’ll take a long time to establish a relationship with an external IT team.

Rather than wasting your resources reinventing the wheel, you can take advantage of existing technology. Filestack OCR provides a robust, technologically advanced solution that goes beyond what an internally developed product could do. Through state-of-the-art optical character recognition, machine learning, and robust integration features, Filestack OCR is able to provide a complete one stop solution.

The Power of Filestack Workflows

Filestack offers a complete solution that can be immediately integrated into an organization’s existing technology. With easy-to-use logic and detection, Filestack Workflows can be used to control how your OCR is implemented and how your data is analyzed. Easily bring in large volumes of data into your platform, identify characters on-the-fly, and process documents and images based on their content.

Filestack Workflows provides an intuitive, point-and-click interface through which anyone can setup complex sequences of tasks. Documents can be pre-processed before being analyzed and post-processed to be displayed and shared in the correct format. All of this can be completed without having to write a single line of code.

Custom Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

It’s not enough to have general OCR software. Artificial intelligence is integrated into OCR to provide for better results — and that’s what makes it possible for an OCR suite to be able to provide better than human grade precision.

Filestack’s technology is driven by artificial intelligence that is able to learn as you use it. OCR technology relies upon context, pattern matching, and vocabulary to identify characters that may not be otherwise distinguishable. As you teach the AI technology of Filestack, it will become both more accurate and more reliable — and customized to your company’s needs.

Custom pattern recognition will learn from even niche businesses and disciplines to create better and more consistent results. Meanwhile, an AI analysis and tagging system built into Filestack OCR makes it easier for your organization to properly classify and file your documents.

With Filestack OCR, your business can immediately begin using the most advanced optical character recognition features and analysis — without the need for in-house developers or the hiring of AI and machine learning specialists. Filestack OCR can be customized to your organization, quickly integrated throughout your existing solutions, and used standalone as part of your business processes. Contact us today to begin leveraging the power of adaptive, machine-learning OCR technology.

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