How Filestack OCR Will Speed Your Time to Market

Get to market faster with the all-in-one OCR SDK provided by Filestack. Filestack Capture provides advanced OCR technology, usable out-of-the-box or easily integrated into existing platforms and solutions. Regardless of your organization’s use cases or existing workflows, Filestack Capture can speed up your time to market, improve your efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Cut Your Development Time With Filestack Capture

Rather than having to develop an in-house solution, your business can quickly integrate Filestack’s optical character recognition with your existing workflows. Filestack supports complete integration with third-party platforms, providing both accurate and robust optical character recognition to mobile apps, web platforms, and native desktop applications. Not only does this cut down on development time, but it also removes the need for in-house support, troubleshooting, and testing.

Reduce Your Data Entry Resources With Filestack Capture

If your organization needs a large volume of data entry, or help with digitizing documents, Filestack can help. Data heavy applications need data to work, and many businesses face the process of pre-loading this data before they reach market. Rather than hiring human labor to complete this data entry, you can have it completed autonomously through Filestack. Filestack can help with the pre-loading of data before market as well as the on-going loading of data during business operations, and help you avoid the costs of most document digitization services.

Quickly Catalog and Analyze Existing Data

Filestack is more than just a recognition suite. Through artificial intelligence processing and machine learning, Filestack Capture can also be used to catalog and analyze OCR data, taking the place of many tools such as a document conversion service. Whether sorting through receipts, purchasing invoices, or more, Filestack Capture can be used not only for data entry but also for basic data analysis. You can structure your organization’s data quickly both internally and externally, to improve your business operations. This data can be further converted into common document formats, such as PDFs, so they can be used throughout the platform — and you can create searchable documents on-the-fly.

Provide a Better Customer Experience With Filestack

A faster data capture process also means a better customer experience. Filestack can be used to improve upon customer service through the development of new and useful technologies, which builds value for an organization and makes their product market-ready faster. OCR can be used to quickly read digital barcodes and product SKUs, translate information, identify receipts and invoices, or tag products and services – all of which can be used to add value for the customer.

Streamline document processing, form reading, and other OCR workflow features through Filestack Capture today. If your organization has a place for OCR technology, you can acquire it out-of-the-box — and without any waiting. Time to market is important in any industry, and getting to market faster will help you achieve greater profitability and competitiveness within your sphere. Call us at 1-888-415-1885 to find out more about how Filestack Capture can speed your time to market.

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