Cut Costs with Filestack OCR

Filestack Capture provides an all-in-one optical character recognition suite that can be used right out of the box. With Filestack Capture’s OCR technology, an organization can immediately begin integrating optical character recognition into their existing infrastructure and business processes. Filestack Capture saves an organization money in a multitude of ways, improving a company’s bottom line, scalability, and agility.

Filestack Capture Requires Fewer Data Entry Resources

Rather than paying a staff of human typists, a company can instead engage the automated resources of Filestack Capture. Filestack Capture is able to provide accuracy that rivals human typists at a fraction of both speed and cost. Data entry specialists of any kind typically require salary, benefits, and working space — all of which can be sidestepped through the use of a digital solution.

Filestack Capture Doesn’t Require Internal Development or Support

Rather than having to pay a developer to implement an internal solution, a company can instead use Filestack Capture. Filestack Capture comes complete with easy integration, able to be utilized in web-based applications, native mobile applications, and more. Further, Filestack provides best-in-class OCR support. With an internally developed solution, support would need to be acquired through internal technical staff.

Filestack Capture Improves Overall Customer Experience and Retention

OCR can be used to provide solutions and products to customers faster, while also ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the services that customers are offered. Customers may be able to scan products live, find information and translations on-the-fly, or just have their data and documents automatically uploaded and filtered.

A better customer experience leads to better retention, which ultimately leads to fewer marketing dollars spent on acquiring new clientele. Further, more satisfied customers are less likely to have questions and complaints, requiring fewer administrative and customer service hours.

Filestack Capture Reduces Errors and Review Time

By providing better consistency and accuracyFilestack Capture reduces the amount of errors that need to be corrected — therefore cutting down on administrative and review time. Additionally, Filestack is able to reduce the costs of mitigating errors by reducing errors overall. Errors such as incorrect inventory, poorly filed documents, and incorrect data analysis can all cost a company money to correct or lead to costly mistakes.

Filestack Capture Improves Upon Productivity and Efficiency

Through optical character recognition, a company can automate more of its document management systems and administrative functions. Better automation and better documentation means an easier job for employees in all areas of the organization. Automatic, reliable document filing ensures that employees always know where to look for important data — and that they spend less time trying to find the information they need.

Many organizations are able to radically improve upon their internal business operations through the use of OCR and data analysis. Whether your organization wants to automatically code and file documents, offer unique features to customers and employees, or just speed up data entry services, Filestack Capture can be easily integrated into your existing workflow.

If you’re interested in the advantages of an all-in-one OCR solution, give us a call at (888) 415-1885 and get started with Filestack OCR today.

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