Will OCR Revolutionize Your Workforce?

Optical Character Recognition technology is about more than just digitizing documents – it’s about revolutionizing the way that your organization interacts with its data. With OCR, you can give your workforce access to superior tools, ultimately making every part of your business more efficient. Here are just a few ways in which Filestack OCR’s technology can revolutionize your workforce.

Replace Traditional Data Entry

It can be hard to procure new talent. Training costs a lot of money, and there’s always the risk of turnover: you need to find employees who will be loyal. Even then, you need to pay competitive wages and benefits. Optical character recognition completely replaces traditional data entry, reducing your reliance upon human labor. Documents can be uploaded, digitized, and organized, with accuracy that improves as the system learns from your business.

Instead of having to spend days (or even weeks) compiling information, an OCR suite can scan, preserve, read, and archive your documents within a few minutes of time. Through advanced, machine-learning analysis, these suites are able to learn like humans do, engaging in pattern recognition and analysis that can be used to streamline document management workflows.

Categorize and Consolidate Information

When data is entered into your system, it can also be categorized and consolidated into a single document management platform. Maintaining a consolidated document platform does two things: it improves security and boosts productivity. In terms of security, a consolidated platform means that only one system has to be secured and authenticated. In terms of productivity, rather than having to look in multiple locations for files, users will be able to check a single location.

Further, instead of having to manually look through each document, users can quickly search for documents using keywords. Consolidating information also makes it easier to track changes and increases accountability among users, thereby reducing the chances that files could become lost or misplaced over the course of work.

Improve the Quality of Archived Documents

As you move from a paper world to a paperless one, it becomes important to archive the highest quality of documents for future use. Filestack improves the quality of documents in addition to translating them into machine readable and searchable text.

Through Filestack OCR, distortion can be corrected and noise can be reduced. The documents you enter into your permanent archival system will not only be searchable, but also fine-tuned for quality, color, and contrast.

Blend With AI and Machine Learning

An advanced OCR suite can use context to figure out what a word is, even if that word may be distorted. With AI and machine learning technology, OCR is able to vastly improve upon its accuracy. Filestack’s OCR is able to learn over time, identifying information based on both context and training. Further, AI can use its pattern recognition to identify documents and file them as desired, thereby taking the place of human categorization and tagging.

Not all character recognition technology includes advanced artificial intelligence. Filestack OCR is a uniquely advanced platform that is able to learn as it goes, finding out more about your business and how data is organized. When joined with the forces of AI, Filestack OCR is able to use context clues to improve upon its accuracy – and that’s why general purpose OCR alone often isn’t enough.

OCR is about more than just data entry: it’s a revolutionary technology that automates your data analysis, categorization, and management. Through better OCR, your organization can reduce its administrative time and empower its workforce to operate more effectively. Your organization can start leveraging the power of OCR through Filestack, by signing up for a guided demo with one of our OCR experts today.

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