5 Things CTOs Need to Know About OCR

CTOs are constantly investigating new technology. While it can be difficult to identify the technologies that will produce the highest ROI, optical character recognition (OCR) has made great strides over the past few years and is now one of the most all-around advanced utilities.

Here are a few things that you should know about Filestack Capture and what sets it apart from other OCR suites. Unlike other OCR platforms, Filestack OCR is an integrated solution that comes with numerous advanced features providing end-to-end file capture, processing, and management. With advanced digital transformation and AI technology, Filestack OCR is able to provide increased accuracy compared to both human labor and competition. Even low quality or deformed images can be read with a high level of accuracy – and then integrated into a larger platform.

1. Filestack OCR isn’t just an OCR solution: it’s an all-in-one content management suite.

Filestack is more than just an OCR suite. With advanced pre-processing, machine learning capabilities, and built-in integration, Filestack is a complete all-in-one solution that outperforms the competition. Other OCR technologies are just general purpose OCR tools: while they can identify text on a rudimentary level, they are often inaccurate and difficult to use. Filestack emphasizes ease-of-use and accuracy, making it a user-friendly utility that nevertheless has an extraordinary amount of power driving its technology.

2. Filestack provides a significant reduction of noise and distortion.

Through both pre-processing and post-processing features, Filestack can provide clear, clean documents even if the documents originally provided are less than readable. Filestack has advanced image transformation features, including the ability to adjust contrast, reduce noise, crop, and correct distortion. Not only does this improve the quality of OCR, but it also improves the quality of archived documents.

3. Filestack offers customized, intelligent solutions.

Filestack can be customized in many ways, including through an advanced, machine-learning technology that can grow with your organization. Through sample sets and logic, you can program your Filestack technology to fit your organization’s needs and workflow. Filestack will learn from your organization’s content and samples, eventually providing better levels of accuracy.

Every business is different. Over time, Filestack will discover what content your documents most likely contain, as well as how to properly analyze and categorize this content. This means that Filestack OCR goes beyond being an optical character recognition suite and becomes a complete document analysis and management solution.

4. Filestack can reduce your company’s reliance upon its human resources.

Human labor may burden your company with additional overhead and reduced agility. Having to maintain a large scale workforce often means that your company must similarly maintain large amounts of funds towards wages, benefits, and other employee-related costs. Filestack drastically reduces the amount of data entry and administrative work an organization requires, thereby reducing its need for human resources and improving its agility.

That doesn’t mean that employers don’t need employees – far from it. This reallocation of expenses can go towards hiring top talent. With fewer, but more skilled, employees, a company can operate more effectively and with greater levels of innovation. Further, these employees will also be more productive: they will be able to easily find the information they need through Filestack’s searchable archives and consolidated content management solution. Altogether, this creates an improvement in your workforce, focusing your human resources on quality rather than quantity.

Filestack provides better agility and scalability for companies by reducing costly mistakes, improving productivity, and providing better overall data entry.

5. Filestack learns from your company, improving its accuracy over time.

Filestack doesn’t just provide OCR features – it also provides advanced features through its artificial intelligence and machine learning. Filestack is able to tag, organize, and analyze information based on your company’s needs. It will learn as your company uses it, expanding its sample sets and establishing both context and nuance. As part of its customization, it will learn how you want your data processed – thereby reducing your administrative workload and providing better and more consistent overall results.

Are you interested in what OCR can do for your company? Filestack OCR goes beyond traditional OCR technologies, creating an easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, fully scalable solution. For more information, reach out to us via phone at (888) 415-1885 or by:

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