The True Cost of Human Data Processing

There was once a time when data processing took a level of skill that was hard to find. Today, there is endless chatter surrounding whether or not technology will completely take over even the most complicated of tasks – like a scene straight out of a movie. Consumers constantly see ads for driverless cars and machines excelling at jobs made for humans. Even the job candidate selection process involves high level, advanced human resources technology. Simple human data processing is being replaced at a rate that no one can slow down.

Human data processing dates back several decades. After the development of specialized computing systems and niche areas of study, there was no way to turn back time on the technology wave. The tech industry as a whole has come to the point in its lifetime where it has made manual data processing almost entirely obsolete for a few key reasons.

Manual data processing isn’t efficient. Optical character recognition technology and automatic data processing capabilities are infiltrating industries all over. Processes that were once performed by hand have been replaced with automated processes when converting tax document data, in student-teacher interactions and in simple data reporting. Business owners are taking the initiative to focus man power in other areas that are more difficult to replace with technology. OCR speaks to the small business owner as well as to the head of a large enterprise level corporation.

Simply put, people are expensive. Imagine hiring an employee or team of employees to perform a task that would take 2 weeks when an OCR tool would do the same task in half the time and with more accuracy. Not to mention, the major return on simply investing in OCR is priceless. The bottom line is, people are expensive and your OCR engine doesn’t have to be.

OCR enters and audits data. In the time it takes to process endless sheets of data manually, automated data processing systems can have that same data input, processed and audited several times over. Manually digitizing documents is a long process. During tax season, an integrated, intelligent and cost effective solution is what your business will find most effective in keeping up with tedious tax document tasks and projects. Data entry will have never been easier.

Though auditors pride themselves on accuracy, nothing beats having top-of-the-line OCR capabilities to streamline document processing. OCR allows businesses to not only keep track of sales data, but also take the simplest means necessary to perform audits on that data. Not only are you getting a well rounded tool to extract information from documents and images, but your business is being set up to streamline any auditing processes that come after.

The argument still stands – human capabilities allow for emotion and flaw while machines highlight the inefficiency of human ability and provide a solution for it. Want to get started with the industry’s most accurate OCR engine to streamline your data processing operations? Talk to us today!

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