Twitter: You make it too hard to share

Twitter, you are the best when it comes to sharing thoughts with the world. From sparking trends to mobilizing movements across the world, you have built an incredible platform to bring people together.  When it comes to sharing thoughts and articles, you are the number one.

But, there is no great way to share images on your platform. When I want to tweet a picture of my 5 year old self at karate camp for #tbt, this is what happens:


C’mon Twitter, I haven’t kept images on my hard drive since Myspace became a thing.

So now, my Twitter image upload process goes like this:

  1. Go to Facebook/ Instagram/ Google Photos, or wherever my image is actually located.
  2. Look through photos to find the right one.
  3. Save the right picture to my desktop.
  4. Open the dialog and find the file
  5. Upload it to Twitter.

This is really pushing my millennial-length attention span.  And do you really want me to have to scroll through Facebook every time I want to upload a picture to Twitter?  

There is a better way…

Yes, this is a bit self serving, but our whole mission is to make user content seamless to share.  So, if you did a quick install of Filestack and swapped your upload button out for Filestack’s, Twitter users would be able to do the following:

Connect to Cloud Drives without leaving Twitter:

Drag and Drop from other tabs:

And even search Google for images right within the dialog box:

Make Sharing Easy

Twitter, you depend on people sharing easily.  We might not be your answer, but you need one!  The good news is you are not alone.  Poor user content features are everywhere.  

Almost every application aggregates content from users.  Now there is a simple API to make it feature rich and easy.  Twitter, you can join the great minds at SlideShare, Tilt, and Zomato, all of whom use Filestack’s file upload to increase social engagement on their applications. Your users will thank you by sharing more images more often.  I know this user will!


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