30 Best File Upload Sites Of 2024

30 Best File Upload Site Of 2022 | FileStack

If you’re searching for the best file upload site to handle your file-sharing needs, you’re at the right place.

File-sharing sites are designed to upload, store and transfer files conveniently to anyone around the world. Using a JavaScript file uploader, you quickly implement high-performance file uploads in your custom applications.

Whether it’s cute photos of your cat, a project report, or some slide deck you just worked on for your boss, we all need to share and store files online. Relying on email as a means of large file transfers can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

At the end of this guide, you’ll be able to identify the best file upload site for your project.


Filestack offers simple, easy-to-use file uploader APIs that let you upload, transform, and deliver any file into your app. It’s one of the leading file-sharing and storage solutions, trusted by millions of users.

With Filestack, you can receive uploaded content from anywhere and transform and optimize it before it arrives. The service is powered by the same upload technology used by internet giants.

FileStack’s free tier offers 1GB of free storage space and 500 uploads. And it allows you to connect your app with a host of services in one integration.


  • Easy-to-use file upload API
  • Intuitive and custom-made uploader user interface
  • Dozens of third-party integrations are available

Google Drive

Google Drive is the search engine giant’s cloud storage service provider. It allows you to store your documents, audio, videos, and files online.

Google Drive allows you to upload, store, collaborate and share multiple files anywhere and from any device. You only need a Google account to have access to the service.


  • Free 15GB cloud storage
  • Accessible with a Google account from anywhere and on any device
  • Enables file sharing and seamless collaboration
  • Integration with G-suite cloud-native apps (Docs, Sheets & Slides)
  • Access your files in Google Drive from anywhere and from any device


Jumpshare is an all-in-one file-sharing and collaboration platform that lets you take screenshots and record your screen.

The easy-to-use file sharing tool allows you to upload files, share with teams, and set file-sharing permissions.

Its major features — screen recording, screenshot, and GIF creations — make Jumpshare a good fit for content creators. You get 50 uploads and a 2GB storage limit on the free tier.


  • Intuitive interface and is pretty easy to use
  • 2GB cloud storage and 50 uploads limit on the free tier
  • Screenshots, screen recording, and GIF creation abilities
  • File sharing and collaboration capabilities

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service that lets you store your files securely and access them from any device, anywhere.

With OneDrive, you can upload your files, sync, edit, and share them with colleagues for collaboration. You also enjoy file security and backup on your files if you ever lose your device.

For the free tier, you get 5GB of free storage, a personal value, and advanced security features. Upgrading to any paid plan or purchasing Microsoft 365 gives you at least 1TB of cloud storage.

Learn more about secure file upload.


  • Seamless file upload, sync, and sharing
  • Free 5GB cloud storage
  • Advanced file security and protection


Box is a secure cloud storage provider and file-sharing service.

The platform is designed for businesses and organizations to securely store, share, and edit files over the cloud.

Box enables secure collaboration between team partners anywhere, on any device. It also offers additional features, such as integrated e-signatures, file security, and workflow automation.

The cloud platform is used by some of the world’s top organizations, such as Intuit, Morgan Stanley, and the US Airforce.


  • Ability to upload, share and edit files securely online
  • Advanced file security controls to keep private files confidential
  • Workflow automation to skip the cumbersome, repetitive processes
  • Up to 10GB of free cloud storage

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a secure online cloud storage service that allows you to upload, organize and store your photos, videos, and files. As an Amazon customer, you get up to 5 GB of free cloud storage shared with Amazon Photos.

With this, you can save, organize, and share all your files on Amazon’s cloud. These files can be accessed anytime and anywhere, whether on a desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Amazon Drive for long, as the company has publicly announced plans to shut down the cloud service by December 31st, 2023.


  • Secure file sharing and storage capabilities
  • Up to 5GB of free cloud storage


With over 700M registered users, Dropbox has become a favorite way to store, share, and collaborate.

The digital workspace and file-sharing platform offer a centralized personal vault to upload files, securely store documents, and work in sync on projects.

It’s useful for freelancers and businesses of any size. With its intuitive and simple design, Dropbox enables hassle-free synchronization between various devices — desktop, cloud, and mobile.

You also get to enjoy file security features. Plus, there’s no free plan at the moment of writing this – only a 30-day free trial.


  • Secure cloud-based file-sharing service
  • Ability to store and organize project files, content, or documents
  • File security capabilities


Hightail enables secure file upload and sharing.

The storage platform was built around a concept called Spaces. Think of Spaces like a vault that allows you to securely upload and share large files with other team members for collaboration.

Hightail also helps keep your team organized by providing tools to creatively manage your assets, get feedback and make project decisions.

Plus, you can sync files from third-party storage services like Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. The free Lite plan only provides 2GB of storage space.


  • Securely upload files to Spaces for easy collaboration
  • Creatively manage decisions, feedback, and projects in one place
  • Free 2GB storage space


Mediafire is a cloud storage service that offers an easy way to upload and access files from anywhere and shares them with anyone.

Whether it’s photos, videos, audio, or documents, MediaFire makes file upload, storage, organization, and sharing easy to simplify your workflow.

Uploaded files and folders can be shared through email, a special link, or a social network. And they can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.

Mediafire offers up to 10GB of storage space for free. You can increase this storage limit to 50GB by completing various tasks.


  • Up to 50GB of free cloud storage space
  • File sharing via email, link, or social network
  • Unlimited downloads and bandwidth


Citrix’s ShareFile offers file sharing, storage, and security aimed at enterprise companies.

The all-in-one platform provides a secure way to share content and collaborate with team members or clients from anywhere and on any device. You can enjoy bank-level encryption on your files, emails, and attachments to share securely on any device.

Citrix also offers solutions for electronic signatures and workflow automation. You can try the file-sharing tool for free for 30 days.


  • Secure file-sharing site for enterprise companies
  • Additional solutions for e-signatures and workflow automation
  • 30-day free trial


Zippyshare is a free file-sharing site with no file upload or download limit.

The service is 100% free and offers unlimited disk space with up to 500Mb per file. And you don’t need to sign up for an account to use the service.


  • Free file upload and sharing service
  • Unlimited storage and download limit
  • No sign-up required


DropSend is a file-sharing website that lets you distribute large files and manage your storage right from your mobile device.

You can upload files (up to 8GB in size) to its servers and send a download link to a recipient via email.

Over 4M users use this service to secure large file transfers. You don’t need to download any bulky software to your computer as you can easily manage all your files online.

Plus, the DropSend mobile app is available on iOS or Android devices. And you get 25GB file storage on your free trial.


  • Securely upload and transfer large files (up to 8GB)
  • Use on any device (Mac, PC, iOS, or Android)


Internxt Drive is a free file sharing website that offers best-in-class security and privacy.

The service lets you upload, store, and share all your files and photos more securely.

Files uploaded to Internxt Drive are available on all your devices and can be accessed from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any device with an internet connection.

As a new user, you get up to 10GB of storage space for free.


  • Privacy-focused secure storage for your files
  • Up to 10GB of free storage space
  • Files are accessible from any device, anywhere


Sync is a file upload and cloud storage service that helps you share files and collaborate securely with anyone.

The service helps you send or receive files professionally while working smarter. Files uploaded to Sync can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Sync uses advanced privacy protection and security features, while also ensuring your documents are always backed up in real-time. And new users get 5GB of storage space for free.


  • Secure file upload and storage service
  • Up to 5GB of free storage space
  • Advanced security and privacy protection feature


Icedrive is a next-generation cloud storage service that lets you upload, manage and access your files.

The storage service can be accessed via its native cloud storage apps for various platforms: PC, web, and mobile.

For new accounts, you get up to 10GB of free storage.


  • Secure cloud storage to store, showcase and manage your files
  • Free 10GB storage space


MEGA is a secure cloud-based storage service that allows you to upload your files, store them and share them with others.

The online storage service is free to use and offers end-to-end encryption of your files with keys controlled by you.

When you create a MEGA account, you get up to 20GB of free storage space. And you can use the service from anywhere on all major devices and platforms with an internet connection.


  • Secure cloud-based storage for file upload and sharing
  • Up to 20GB of free storage space
  • Files can be accessed from any device


pCloud is a simple cloud storage for your documents, music, videos, and photos. It allows you to upload your files, store them, or even share them with your friends or colleagues.

pCloud uses a high level of encryption to keep files secure and confidential. And you can access your files on all devices: web, PC, or mobile phone.

Over 16M use pCloud for their cloud storage needs, and you can have up to 10GB of free storage space when you download the App.


  • Secure and encrypted cloud storage solution
  • Free 10GB storage space


IDrive is a file storage and data backup service available to Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac users.

The platform lets you upload or download files up to 2 GB in size. For new accounts, you get up to 10GB of storage space free.


  • Secure file storage and backup service
  • Up to 10GB of free storage space


iCloud is Apple’s native cloud storage service, where you can upload your files to the cloud and automatically sync to all your devices.

The service is built into every Apple device. It lets you store and access your photos, videos, documents, notes, and more from anywhere.

With an Apple ID, you have access to iCloud. For a start, you get 5GB of free iCloud storage and can add more by paying.


  • Secure file storage for any type of file
  • Access your file anywhere, from any device
  • Up to 5GB of free storage space

Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk offers secure file storage for your photos and documents. It also serves as a screenshot and document editor.

You can share your files with others via a short link when you upload them to a cloud server. Recipients can view, download or save the files to their Yandex Disk account.

Yandex Disk is available on Windows and macOS. And it’s available in two subscription plans.


  • Secure file storage service for photos and documents
  • Available on Windows and macOS


Smash offers a simple way to upload and transfer big files to others in a few clicks. It’s fast, secure, and has no limit on file size.

Smash uses high-end security and encryption techniques to protect your personal data and files.

The service offers unlimited file uploads even on the completely free tier, Smash Free. And you have access to 2GB of storage space.

It’s available on all mobile devices.


  • Simple file upload and transfer solution
  • Up to 2GB of storage space


Koofr is one of the best free file-sharing sites and cloud storage solutions to upload and access your files in one place.

With Koofr, you can edit your files online and collaborate remotely with your colleagues. It can be connected to Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts.

Koofr works seamlessly across every device and platform: web, Windows, Mac, Linux computer, iOS, and Android.


  • Secure file storage solution to manage your files online
  • Up to 10GB of free storage space
  • Access your files on any device, anywhere


MiMedia is a cloud-based backup service for your multimedia — photos, videos, music, and documents. You can upload your files online, organize them, curate a collection and manage them in one central spot.

MiMedia allows you to access your files anytime, anywhere, and on any device. As a starter, you get 10GB of free storage space to begin with.


  • Cloud-based storage and backup solution for multimedia files
  • Up to 10GB of free storage space


Imgur lets you discover and share files for entertainment. On the community-powered platform, you can share funny, informative, inspiring images, memes, GIFs, etc.

Anyone from anywhere around the world can use Imgur and share cool stuff with others.


  • Free platform to share and discover entertaining content online
  • Accessible to anyone around the world

Surge Send

Surge Send was designed to help you transfer files easily and securely. The platform enables fast and secure file transfers even at varying internet speeds.

The platform lets you pause/resume uploads, encrypts your sensitive file, and sends alerts when recipients receive and download files.

SurgeSend also offers high-level privacy and encryption. And you can transfer 50 GB per file and use 5GB of storage space for free.


  • Seamless encrypted file transfer and sharing
  • Free 5GB storage space + 50GB file transfer limit

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere offers an easy way to share files of any type and size across your devices.

The free file-sharing site lets you upload and share your files with multiple people using a link. Send Anywhere is available on all platforms: web, mobile, and desktop.


  • Secure file upload and transfer service
  • Available on all web platforms


Terashare is a file upload and transfer application that lets you instantly distribute your files of any size.

The tool connects your computer directly to the recipient. So once you upload a file, it generates a secret link you can share with the recipient. No bulky software or plugins are needed.

Terashare doesn’t have a file size limit while uploading. Plus, file upload and download are completely free.


  • Fast and secure file upload and transfer
  • No file size limit


Binfer is a software suite for handling your file-sharing needs. It provides a direct transfer protocol to securely send and receive large files of any size or type in half the time.

The cloud-based platform also lets you sync your files and folders anywhere you are and on any number of devices.

Binfer uses bank-level data encryption and password protection to ensure file security for your sensitive files in transit.


  • Secure file sharing and transfer
  • Bank-level data encryption to protect sensitive files


SendGB is a free file upload and transfer tool that allows you to send large files securely.

No registration is needed to use the service. You can quickly share files of up to 5GB for free.

All file transfers are encrypted for security, and you can also add password protection to keep sensitive files safe.


  • Securely upload and transfer large files for free
  • No sign-up needed


WeSendit is a free file transfer solution that lets you send files up to 5 GB to 15 recipients at the same time.

The tool also offers digital file management and password protection for sensitive files. When you upgrade to a premium WeSendit account, you can transfer up to 50 GB to up to 100 recipients.


  • Free file upload and transfer solution
  • Send up to 5GB of files for free


From secure storage to seamless file transfer and team collaboration, file sharing services offer many benefits for individuals and businesses.

With this guide, I believe you can now find the best file upload site that meets your business needs. In other news, you can learn about common file-sharing issues and how to solve them.

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