Best Free File Uploader to Easily Share Large Files Worldwide

The Best Free File Uploader to Easily Share Large Files Worldwide

The mobile workforce with the ability to work remotely is a crucial aspect of many businesses today. Thus, the need for communication, collaboration, and access to information is growing exponentially. In the recent past, during the pre-cloud time, standard methods, like email or social networking, were used for sharing files. The size limits on attachments and security concerns discouraged that practice for the recent working environment. A free file uploader is a desirable feature for modern file uploaders.

Modern file-sharing services have developed gradually into full-blown collaboration platforms. For example, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, and Apple offer online cloud storage options. It facilitates file sharing, synching across multiple devices, and collaboration features. When you have uploaded a file to any file uploader service, the process is as easy as clicking a share button. Afterward, anyone can send the generated link to the recipient via email. Finding the best file-sharing platform can be challenging, since many options are available in the marketplace with different levels of functionality. Though most file-sharing sites offer free account options, a business needs a hefty price tag for paid subscription. Here Filestack’s JavaScript file uploader comes into play.

So, what’s the best file-sharing site? Depending on your needs, here are some popular options to consider.

In this post, we’ll explore the free file uploader and help you get the suitable one that will enable you to share larger files worldwide.

Let’s start!

What Is File Uploading?

File uploading means sending data or a file from a user’s computer to somewhere on the Internet. A file upload utility, like Filestack, may help file transfer if a website allows you to upload files.  Different sites handle this process differently. The website typically offers uploading instructions on its help pages.

Some websites have a dedicated upload button that opens a dialog box. For instance, Facebook uses a camera icon that begins the upload process. Whereas other sites support a drag-and-drop interface.

In file uploads, a user’s content delivery experience needs to be as perfect as possible. That means making sure that your users’ files are uploaded (and accessed) in a fast, reliable, and secure way. For example, when uploading files with large sizes, poor network conditions and file upload handling can get in the way. For this, you could use a CDN (content delivery network) or multipart uploads, among other things. And since we’re on the topic of uploading big files, let’s see how they’re usually uploaded.

How Can You Upload A Big File?

Choose Your File or Folder

First, select the files you want to upload by browsing. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the files. Even you may leave a message on the download page.

Upload Your Files

The next stage is uploading. When the files are selected, we’ll start uploading them. If your file hosting site is secure and safe, then end-to-end encryption will make your files safe.

Share The Download Link

Upon uploading it, we host your files in the cloud. You’ll get a direct link, and then you can share the link with whoever you want. [1]

What Are The Crucial Aspects Of Free File Uploader Services?

Since there are many free online file-sharing software and platforms available on the marketplace. Finding the best file-sharing platform is tricky. Hence, before selecting the best one, we’ll consider the following aspects:

  • Ready access to cloud files, correspondence, workflows, and other work-related functions should be easy, intuitive, reliable, and, importantly, secure.
  • Suited to work across multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and laptops.
  • Limitations on data storage or file sharing.

Read more on file upload technology to make every upload faster & more reliable.

What Are The Cons Of Free File Uploader Platforms?

Data Security is the primary concern of file-sharing programs. The risk of viruses or malware from a remote file will increase in the absence of adequate security measures. Sometimes tracking shared files becomes impossible. Free file sharing options come with various restrictions. For example, platforms like Apple, Google, One Drive, and others have data storage limitations.

What Can Be Uploaded With A File Uploader?

You can upload any legal file. Violation of law or terms of use can be deleted immediately, and your account can be closed without notification.

File Upload Plugins For WordPress

When offering customer service, accepting documents, photos, and other files might help you collect additional information from your users.

The following are the best WordPress file and image upload plugins:


You may construct any form for your website with the plugin’s drag-and-drop builder, including file upload forms. You can save time by using the pre-built form templates of this plugin. Also, it improves the user experience by splitting long forms into multiple pages.

File Upload Types by WPForms

The WordPress plugin File Upload Types by WPForms is free to use. It enables you to use WordPress to accept other file types that aren’t by default.

Formidable Forms

Another well-liked file upload plugin for WordPress is Formidable Forms. Building complex forms should be simple with their drag and drop feature, and you can use its form templates to get started quickly and customize them to fit your needs.

WordPress File Upload

Visitors can upload any type of content to your website with the free WordPress plugin known as WordPress File Upload. Visitors to your website can upload files with this simple file upload plugin. You can add the short code that it uses to your website’s posts or pages.


This WordPress membership plugin allows you to upload files and have complete access control over file permission.

Easy Digital Downloads

This renowned WordPress eCommerce plugin helps you sell digital products, including eBooks, PDF files, music, software, and more.

Best Free File Sharing Sites (2022 Edition)

You already know that Google Drive is one of the best file-sharing platforms. The entire Google Workspace wraps up with various platforms and apps, and serves as a top file uploader and file-sharing platform.

Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box are leading cloud storage platforms for their excellent file-sharing capabilities, offering security, ease of use, and significant additional features. Alternatively, Apple users can enjoy iCloud storage facilities while sharing files from iOS devices.

Equipped with cutting-edge secure file-sharing facilities, Filestack is the leader in file uploader services. Moreover, its industry-leading file transformation facilities and one-click file sharing option make it an excellent choice for users worldwide.

Users can access digital media including images, videos, and documents on file sharing websites from anywhere.


Filestack free file uploader

Filestack’s robust tools and powerful APIs allow users to upload, transform and deliver content quickly. Its advanced UI integrations provide a great experience for your users. Filestack’s powerful APIs allow you to quickly and seamlessly manage all your file management needs.

Moreover, its scalable infrastructure enables billions of uploads, transformations, and downloads every month, providing reliable performance to users anywhere.

For more about Filestack upload, visit here.


Internxt, is an open-source cloud storage and sharing platform. It shares files through a blockchain-based cloud service [2]. End-to-end encrypted, dispersed, and distributed data are shared via a decentralized network. Little or no access to third-party user data and personal information ensures data safety and privacy.

The fact that it works with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the web, is one of its key benefits. It is 100% open-source and verifiable on GitHub.

free file uploader - is another secure cloud storage platform. The platform is well known for its dedicated document collaboration features. It will allow your internal teams, external partners, clients, and customers to collaborate. It continuously backs up your files in real time. Files can be accessed online, on mobile devices, and on computers after being uploaded. Its access control with passwords, expiry dates, etc. makes it a more dynamic option free of cost.

Google Drive

Google Drive [2] is one of the best free file-sharing sites. With Google Drive, users can upload any file, including photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more, and send the shared link to the receiver. Its cloud file-sharing tool offers users free 15GB space for backing up their files, which can be upgraded by paying nominal fees.

File syncing of data is automatic with all devices linked to the account, and changes are saved automatically.

The good thing is that we can set permissions for viewing or editing the file. Others outside the organization can be invited to view, download and collaborate — no email attachment is required.

free file uploader - Google Drive

Benefits of Google Drive:

The uploaded content is shareable with anyone by inputting the recipient’s email address, and the access link will be delivered to their email address. Shares high-quality photos and significant documents with anyone, and they’ll be able to access them when they want. Allows users to edit, modify, and control permission of the files by making them public or private.


OneDrive is a cloud-based popular file hosting and synchronization service. It stores data in the cloud, shares files, and syncs files across Android and iOS devices and Windows Phones. You will get a personal vault to store important files if you have a Microsoft account. Microsoft’s OneDrive is a safe and secure cloud storage service.  It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. OneDrive allows you to upload files up to 5 GB in size, which is free!

OneDrive comes with Office 365 and enables users to seamlessly co-author Office documents across browsers, desktop apps, or mobile devices. It also allows users to edit offline and automatically update the changes the next time they connect. Users can share large files by sending a link via email or text. It allows users offline access to selected files. Even though you lost your device, your file will not be gone because Microsoft protects them. 


free file uploader - Dropbox

Another renowned platform in the file-sharing space is Dropbox. It offers desktop and mobile app users to keep all their files in sync and within reach.

Dropbox is primarily a file hosting service that offers client software, personal clouds, and cloud storage. Because it is created to collaborate on your projects, whether working alone or in a team, it will make your life simpler.

Dropbox is an excellent option for anyone looking for a cloud storage solution. It offers fantastic performance for file syncing, sharing, collaboration, and integrated tools.

Due to its simple, user-friendly design and hassle-free synchronization between desktop, cloud, mobile, and reliable servers, it has become the gold standard for file sharing. Moreover, it is compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

However, only 2GB of free storage capacity makes it less attractive for free users.


Box [4] and Dropbox are both doing an excellent job in cloud storage and file sharing. Box is more suited for businesses and IT sectors because of its professional and go-to file-sharing facilities. It is designed to share, edit and secure files over the cloud for IT-based clients. Meanwhile, Dropbox deals with the consumer crowd.

Box [4]

It offers cloud file management and sharing services for cross-platform use. With the service, anyone can edit like a local file, and Box automatically saves it to the cloud. It allows users seamless data transfer from their PC to their Box cloud.

For better results and understanding, Box facilitates its users to collaborate with teammates.  Box has a free 10GB storage space plan and a 250MB upload limit.



iCloud is available on Mac and Windows PCs, and Apple offers it. Users can store any type of content in the cloud with iCloud, and iCloud will instantly sync that file to their devices.

Many users can work together simply by sending a link. Team members can collaborate with Numbers, Keynote, Pages, and Notes. Only 5GB of free iCloud storage can force users to upgrade quickly due to lack of space.

Media Fire


MediaFire provides file hosting, cloud storage, and synchronization services for users. Its free file-sharing services provide solutions for managing digital files online. Additionally, it is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, OSX, and the Web. It also allows users to specify access control.

A professional and ad-free experience for employees with a 20 GB file uploading limit makes it one of the best choices for free users.

Pros & Cons Of A File Uploader


  • Saves time
  • Eliminates multiple file versions
  • Saves money
  • File permissions limit access
  • Prevents lost data


  • Requires sufficient network/bandwidth speeds
  • Potential proprietary data/plagiarism issues
  • Higher risk of files being shared publicly
  • Increased risk of files being infected

Ready To Start File Uploading Using Filestack?

Filestack is the #1 developer service for uploads, transforming, and sharing. It allows uploading user content anywhere and improves files or videos with a powerful Filestack engine. It makes API Uploads, URL ingestion, and iOS/Android device integration fast and easy. Last but not least, it can make images responsive using Filestack.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Filestack and sign up for free today!


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